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Would love an invite as I can't seem to add anyone to my friend's list I haven't met in game.

Character name: Jimmydowjones

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@cornbredx: Thanks a bunch man! I happen to have a bunch of destiny beta keys for every platform if you're interested in one of those in return :)

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@cornbredx: I'm certainly down for a trial code if you have one, but no worries if not.

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Okay cool. Yeah it's mostly the raiding guild schedule type stuff I have an issue with. I'm fine with complex attuning processes so long as I can do them on my own schedule.

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It sounds like we're in a similar boat in terms of time we want to spend on a single game then. Are you on the GiantBomb server?

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So I've been playing FF14 here and there, and I've been enjoying it. But the combat in this game looks really appealing to me.

What I'm trying to figure out is if Wildstar can be rewarding and fun in the endgame without being on a super strict raid schedule and having to be in one instance for 4+ hours.

Anyone here been playing it casually but still been experiencing a good amount of the content? Or am I better off sticking with FF14. Also if anyone wants to convince me to get it I'm all ears haha.

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So I started playing this with the Dual Shock 4, and after a few hours (I've since beaten the game), I was noticing the R1 and L1 buttons were sticking on both of my DS4's maybe 1 out of 20 times, and preventing me from doing exactly what I want to do. I ended up going back to the squishy sticks of the Dual Shock 3 because the R1 and L2 buttons were more responsive there.

Anyone else find this problem? If so, who thinks there might be some sort of new version or recognition of this once some more games that require exact, accurate controls and people start experiencing sticking issues?

Such a bummer since the rest of the controller feels so much better.

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Also just to clarify, this isn't meant to be negative. John just carries himself in a way that sort of reminds me of Jean-Ralphio and I think he sorta looks like him...

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They carry themselves similarly. Not saying that Vignocchi is incompetent, just that his business guns persona that he puts on sometimes coupled with his appearance and smirky grins totally remind me of Jean-Ralphio.