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Ah word thanks ya'll. I think sharpening is at high for me.

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Most noticeable in cut scenes for me. Just background objects, trees, clothing, hair, textures, everything. Pops in and out, mostly just super delayed. Is this universal or something I'm running improperly in my settings? I've got fancy hair turned off and most other settings on high-ultra. Draw distance is on high cause ultra causes a chug. Even though the foliage pop in when I run around is super noticeable and lame :/

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Most of the videos I've seen online have people using karts rather than bikes, but I didn't really want to re-adjust drifting. Also in the later maps hammering on break while drifting is essential.

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The way they are adding on to this game is giving me great hope for the future of Nintendo as a modern company that continues to make amazing games.

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Just accomplished this frustrating and time consuming feat. I did it using a much different set up than my usual heavy bike mix. I did Shy Guy on the Master Cycle with Animal Crossing tires.

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Very very very hyped for this. Character platformers like Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Banjo etc were my favorite types of games and it's been so long since anyone other than Nintendo put out a good one!

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Man this looks like exactly what I've been missing from my games the last several years. I really miss Ratchet, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter type games (character platformers) and this seems like it's gonna whisk me back to my childhood.

Not much for kickstarting but I will be backing this for sure.

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@niko555: Got kept up till 3 last night without realizing it because of that.

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I've been at the office a lot recently (I work at Riot as it turns out) so I haven't had a chance to get online and add ya'll but I will do so soon.

Sidenote: This game is fucking rad! Just played the first 6 or 7 levels and it's honestly my favorite thing I've played in a long while.