Red Dead Redemption: Should I Buy it When I'm No Fan of Rockstar?

So recently (mostly due to the bombcast when they spent a little time gushing over how they loved Red Dead) I have been thinking about whether or not I should pick up this game. I'll be honest here and say I have not played the majority of the Rockstar catalogue, however, back in the good old PS2 era I played a decent portion of GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City. To me the story in games is very important and when I was playing these two games I found myself doing the typical GTA things (of blowing shit up, challenging the cops) and quickly getting bored and leaving the game. I did play a fair amount of the story missions and found them to be wanting. I just didn't find myself caring at all for (Claude?) in GTA 3 or Vercetti in Vice City. And beside the actual story missions I found the rest of the game not terribly interesting either, the shooting was poor as well as the driving and I really couldn't stand the look of people in these GTA games they just looked robotic and comical. So that's the end of my bitchy tirade feel free to put me in my place and say NO WAY GTA is the best!!!!! And my dislike for the GTA games put me off from all other GTA games and for some reason the rest of the Rockstar open world games.

However, I have been interested in the rest of Rockstar's catalogue and it is one of those weird situations where I want to like their games. So I asked my buddy if to get my foot in the door I should play L.A. Noire (I know it is not Rockstar developed and Team Bondi did it, but it has a similar style to other Rockstar games from what I hear) and he said I should. I bought and played L.A. Noire knowing that it was different from the typical Rockstar formula and on the whole I enjoyed it. So now I come to the meat of the matter and ask given my feelings should I get Red Dead? I was considering grabbing the GOTY edition because who doesn't like horror themed DLC? Also this might not be a this year thing as I have a significant backlog as well as the holiday coming up where friends and family might get me other games (c'mon XCOM). But I just watched the quick look and the game seems really varied, I think I like the setting WAY more than a GTA game the shooting seems improved etc. So I guess all I'm asking is to be talked into/ out of buying it. (And I bet i know which one you bastards will say, you hate my wallet lol) Alright that is enough blathering for now, later and thanks.

Oh and one more thing I play only on the PS3 so I can't play Bully in case that was your guys other suggestion.