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Yeah they're pretty bad, and the only weapon that I really have a problem (as in: game would be better without it) with as well. Mostly people only use it to go in and spam 8 nades and hope that they get one frag before they respawn and repeat, total noob-cannon (in lack of a better word).

Could probably be fixed somewhat by having them not explode on impact with a player, since that gives you no chance of survival.

^ Accuracy is not really an issue since most players who use them generally aren't good shots anyhow (there's no way an experienced player would trade the scope for the launcher), when they do get you it's either because they launch it from 1m and go out with you or they run in and get a lucky random shot, both of which are equally annoying.

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norton123 said:
"I enjoy class based multiplayer games and I played it on the pc. I thought it was terrible. There is nothing special about this game. The environments are crap and the classes are weak. This multiplayer could not hold up for very long at all.


Wow you must've either given up instantly or you just have no clue about how to play the game.
Tell me, what were you expecting from the game?

Saying that both the maps and classes are crap and that you're into class based shooters all in the same post is just tells me that you're terribly misinformed. QW has the deepest Class/Map dynamic of any shooter I've played (and that's right about... all of them from Tribes and up). Every objective on the map requires a specific class to complete (with the exception of Data Brains and Forward Spawns), and that class requires back-up from every support class in order to succeed. It's not just run in and stand on the flag anymore.

And all of this is done without compromising the shooting aspect of it, every class is on the same level as far as combat potential goes (since every class has access to the standard rifle and pistol) and the weapons aren't gimped in accuracy in favor of newer players (I'm looking at you BF2!). You hit where you aim.
Also movement plays a huge part here with unadulterated strafe-jumping goodness, there are many tricks to increase speed such as the basic sprint, strafe-jumping, equipping a lighter weapon in-hand (such as knife or pistol) and ramp-jumping. This opens up a lot of potential for trickjumps and the like and every map is designed with that in mind.

This style of gameplay requires team-play and coordination, something that you'll have to adjust to quickly if you want to stand a chance (the PC community is really the most teamplay oriented bunch of players I've ever encountered in standard pub-play). I admit that the game has a steep learning curve and it shuts a lot of newbies out, for good or bad, but if you stick with it there's a near inexhaustible source of depth to be found there. In every class, map and vehicle there's always a new trick or strategy to learn.

It is really a shooter made exclusively for the hardcore shooter fan and once it grabs a hold of you it won't let go, I'm currently at 200h+ and see no reason to stop, I guess it's the same for every one else with 600h+ as well (the guys in the top of the leaderboard are all at ~1800h+ :P). And if you can't see that then... well... you're to blame I guess (or the games' sub-par tutorial). :)

But saying that the game is "terrible" is not true by any stretch of the imagination.

*Oh and also, I'm not basing any of this on the gimped console versions, your experiece may vary. ;)