Since I have more then 1 Follower now. Time for blog posts...?

As the title said I guess it's time to put the free space GB and now CBS Interactive gives me to good use... er well use.  So here's a quick outline of what to expect from this space. I'll try my best to keep it on the topic of games and game related stories and/or opinions on games and gaming "culture" as a whole. Qualifications you ask? None just a jackass who's been gaming for over half of his life, did a small stint as a QA  at 51 (simple cypher you should be able to figure it out) . I just have my thoughts on the culture of  gaming and where it's heading from someone who has over two decades of gaming under his belt and as a man who's worked in the industry, nothing more nothing less. You may not like what I have to say, you may not agree with the points I attempt to make but one thing is certain when reading what I write here, these are nothing but opinions of which we are all entitled to, and of which I am more then happy to debate with those who might not agree with me. With that said my first official post will be my feelings on the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle.

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