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@nodima: If I'm thinking of the same spot you can use the Igni sign to temporarily destroy those gas clouds. It recharges super fast when not in combat

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When you are with parties you aren't supposed to be able to play the monster in matchmaking. However it seems this is broken when playing with multiple parties in lobby, its happened to me multiple times since release.

Otherwise roles are assigned by the preferences you set but you can back out a level and switch with people if you want.

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@gaspower: Ya I really want to bind the search key to one of my mouse buttons as the default is not great when running around.

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Ya I've been having trouble with the controls as well. I've played about 3 hours now and things still aren't really coming together for me so I need to try using my 360 controller. Also it makes no sense why you can't bind to mouse buttons, it seems like such a silly thing to prohibit.

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I just don't see this slowing down when these assholes keep getting real world results with these threats. It's really fucking sad to see people treat each other like this and I honestly don't know what we can do to make this kind of behavior end.

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Any hints for the squirell's question about the candiest person? I can't seem to get past that

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"Giant Bomb: Some of the games you mentioned--Titanfall is one, Foza is another"

Hm, I've never heard of the Foza series, but seriously solid interview Patrick hope we can see more of this kind of stuff from you!

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I'm not if you sure if you are a fan of reddit but maybe check out this subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc

I went through those guys and they seemed pretty knowledgeable My budget was pretty similar and they can give you some good ideas and say what things are better than others.