Spore Patch out and Zune 3.0 impressions soon

Hello all, just wrote a little something here that i noticed thta spore got pathced today with alot of tweaks and some new featuresl liek some cheat system. I did pretty much just launch the game to patch it and haven't played it because i have school work to tend to first so i might put something up on that...

I am a Zune owner and im going to write about the new Zune 3.0 updates for both the firmware and desktop software. I guess ill get to that this weekend or so. But expect that relatively soon.
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Google Chrome Browser Impressions

Google chrome logo
OK So i tody after i came back from school i see this story on the TheFeed on G4 that google launches its own web browser named "Google Chrome." Everything about the name said and left behind, i go to the google site and download the browser and personally, i think its one of- no, wrong, now, its a very good browser, I'll give it that but its not the best yet. I mean yeah it's still in beta but it's still got along ways to go. 
The product I downloaded today was a very good experience and just to let you know, im a Safari guy (except in Windows) but i love that browser, Safari is fast, gots lots of features and at least to me, it does everything right. So my main concern with a browser is speed, and if it's not a speedy browser i won't use it. While on Safari i gave Firefox 3 a try but i was a let down. It looked cool and all but it was just slower than Safari so why am i going to use something that has less speed that what im currently using? i guess what im trying to say is that when you see an use Safari's speed, your stardards for other Browsers just go way up.

Now that i told you some background on my judging. I'll tell you what i think of Google Chrome. All-in-all im very, very pleased with this browser. The first test i put it through is the speed test and this browser is lightning, this thing is on par with Safari, as far as speed if not faster. I think it's because of the re-done Java Runtime engine being passed through a machine making it even faster. 

As far as the UI goes it's also very pleasing to the eye and very easy to use. Now since it is a beta there are some key things missing like RSS READER!! YOU HEAR ME GOOGLE!!! THAT BETTER BE IN THERE!!! Right now, if you try to go to an RSS feed all you get is the RSS site, but it's rendered as just a bunch of code. but i'll get to bugs later. The UI is very good, the Tabs are now on the top of the address bar and it just all makes for an easy trandsistion from someone that has been a heavy user of Firefox or IE7. The thing this guy can do that Safari can't right of the bat is open multiple home pages wihich Safari till this day can't. Very simplistic but the simplicity does not sacrifice its functionality. 

Now to the bugs, no i won't mention all of them i'll just say the one's i've heard of and experienced myself. The major one is the RSS code thing. The second and perhaps way more important than the first is that this browser does have a whole in its security which is expected out of a Beta. The security fault has been experienced and patched on Safari and on IE and on FIrefox but not yet here. The problem is that a hacker can put a dowload of a JAR file when clicked on a certain site and on the bottom left of the screen one will see the dowload but its not noticeable to an untrained eye (that's not used to how the browser works). Other browser would ask you "how do you want to open this JAR file?" and the only program that can do that is Java Runtime Eviroment. However Chrome doesn't ask you and automatically executes the file. The Oxecution of this file can let someone else do limitless things toyour system. There's only 3 ways to get around this, well acctually 4, one is to not use the browser, the sencond is to not use the browser and wait till google patches it, Three is use the browser but keep your eyes pealed for suspecious downloads and watch what sites you go on, and the last was actually made by me is that on the options, there is a menu option for downloads that says " Always ask me yo save each file before downoading it" and it should always pop up an wnidow to where you want ot save whenever donwloading something.This way you can always make sure you know what your downloading and where. If you want more information on the exploit, visit http://aviv.raffon.net/ and click on the demonstration and no it's not the real thing its just a demo to show you how the downloading works. 

So overall im very happy with the Google Chrome Web Browser from Google and although it's in beta, it offer plenty of great features right of the bat but it still has many of others to still implement in their final built. Another addition to the Browser Wars is always welcome.
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Crysis has finally be ran at 50-60 frames!!!

Tom's Hardware Video
The Link above will take you to Tom's hardware where one of their guys is demonstrating a Falcon Northwest system that is capable of running Crysis at "playable frames" on 2560x1600 resolution, on Very high configurations. Crysis fans and my self have been dreaming of a card (or two) making this possible. 

Also the guy said and the guys at Falcon Northwest reassured him that both of these cards ran faster than any triple SLi configuration out there. So SLi just got pwned =P

The two cards that managed this incapable feat: AMD Radeon HD4870X2. This card owns with having a dual GPU design, 2GB of GDDR5 RAM, 1600 Stream Processors!?!! Easily THE fastest card out right now. and so ATI continues its ownage over nvidia this video card season. as the 200 series cards were EPIC FAILS.
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Next Build: Media Center PC, The story behind the parts

I was bored this morning and decided to design a totally new PC. i probably wont need to do this for a while since i just built my Gaming system and i am very happy with it. The main purpose of this PC is to be in the living room because there is an 32-inch Polaroid HDTV there, but no cable box hooked up to it. The only use that HDTV gets is from my mom watching her Netflix DVD's so i feel bad because it's not even playing HD content. I think the only HD content it's ever played its me playing CoD4 or Bioshock it 720p. So i though this would be a good idea to give that HDTV some life. 

Since there isn't going to be any serious gaming done on this PC and no overcloking whatsoever, i picked a pretty standard Motherboard. I choose the GIGABYTE G31M-SL2 first and foremost because it is very nicely priced at $60. and i just think its unbelievable for all it has. I originally picked an MSI ATX board but had to switch it up because of the case but ill get to that later. Yes this is a Micro ATX board, but its a micro ATX that packs a punch. It has a 1333Mhz FSB, PCIe x16, supports everything up to a Core 2 Quad (in the LGA 775 family that is), 6 channel audio and gigabit LAN. So I think it's going to be more than worth it. 

My first pick for a case was that Thermatake HTPC case that had a built-in touchscreen and i thought the concept would be awesome but then again i gave it more though and realized that this PC was going to be made for you to sit back in a couch, not be right up to it messing with the 7-inch touchscreen, plus the monster was like $500. So i knew i had to cut it down. The i ran across the Antec Fusion. Saw some of the specs and noticed it had a pretty nice finish to plus it was closer to home on the wallet front so i decided to swap it up. I also like it because it came with an included 430W Power Supply so it'll save me more money. 

Since im going to use this PC on an HDTV (primarily for my mom to watch her movies) I wanted more HD content to go through it that just my COD4. So i put in a Blu-ray drive on this system. If anyone told you a PS3 was the cheapest blu-ray player in the market they have lied to you. An OEM PC Blu-ray reader drive is the cheapest blu-ray option out there starting at $130. Yes that is a little step for a disc drive but i think its worth it. The Lucky Video Card that's going to be out-putting this glorious content was going to be an 8800GT because i  though you needed a good card to play HD content but with a talk with one of my LAN Party friends, He saved me some cash by telling me i didn't need such a card. So i toned it down to an XFX 8600GT for $60. 

Im definitely going to be clogging up the PCI slots in that MIcro-ATX board. I've already got an 8600 GT in there so i was thinking and i was like "ok, i've got HD content coming out of this thing." and then it just hit me that we didn't even have a cable box hocked up to the HDTV, so I put in there an HDTV Tuner, PCI interface. So not only can my mom watch her Blu-ray movies but also HDTV content and she can also record content straight to the Excelsior 160GB 7200 rpm Hard drive Im also putting in there. Some of you have never heard of Excelsior Hard Drives but i bought an 80GB hard drive from them and they are extremely affordable.

This HTPC (as it's name speaks) is going to be in the living room where the HDTV is. So it's going to be no where near a switch or a router. Well luckily for me i have a wireless G Netgear router. So instead of having to run a 40-foot ethernet cable from my game-room to the living room, i put in there a PCI interface, Wireless Draft N, network card. With 3 antennas coming out of it and 300Mbps WAN, and for $30, it was un-resistible. 

Other internals components in the HTPC are pretty low grade i mean there wont be any overclocking done here so there's no need for for a third-party Heatsink like my ZALMAN CNPS9700. The Processor I choose was the Intel Core 2 Duo E4600. It's clocked pretty good and its Core 2 Duo. I pretty much looked for the cheapest Core 2 Duo out there. As far as RAM goes i did the same thing, choose the cheapest but the most efficient. Put in there the Corsair 2GB (2x1GB) since its about all that's going to fit on the Motherboard since it only has 2 DDR2 slots, plus its Corsair so i know its going to be good. 

That was the sotry behind the components, now here's more of a list view of it all: 

  • Motherboard: GIGABYTE G31M-S2L
  • Graphics: XFX Geforce 8600 GT
  • Hard Drive: 160GB Excelsior 7200prm
  • RAM: Corsair 2GB (2x1GB) TWINX
  • Case: Antec Fusion Black 
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.4Ghz
  • TV Tuner (Haven't chosen one)
  • Disc Drive: Lite-on 2x Blu-ray reader
  • Wireless Card: Trendnet TWE-623 PCI interface Draft-N card

All of these components are going to be running on Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit

So far the cost for all its at $901. Hopefully it'll drop by the time i actually get to build it. My expected date is next summer. 

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Alone in the Dark review coming

I got Alone in the Dark for free because it came as a bundle when i purchased my ASUS HD4850 from Newegg.  I got my card and of-course i took care of that thing's driver's first and then when i got that working i was like "oh i have a game to install"  so i grabbed the game and popped it in one of my two DVD drives. Installed it and its all fine and good and then, double click the application  and black screen..."eden games" window... black screen again... "Alone in the Dark" has stopped working" i did this like 5 more times with the same result and really sat there scratching my head because i KNOW i can run this game i mean come on, HD4850, X48-DS4, 4GB of RAM, Pentium D. i knew it wasn't  hardware so i hoped online and hit up the Atari Forums and people had the same problem. one post said something about the game being really picky about Drivers and some one mentioned that he solved it by updating their audio drivers so i was like "hey i'll try that" so yep, went to the GIGABYTE website, looked for audio drivers, installed them and boom. Launched it without problems. 

that's my technical excuse =P now my actual excuse is because i haven't played as much of the game to write a review for it. i would at least try to get to the driving mechanics to start writing. Plus i got the game working not too long ago. when i didn't get it working after a few times i just quit and tried out my new card on CoD4 and Bioshock at full settings and some LAN party-ing. So yeah tomorrow i'll just play some more, see how much i get done and ill see.
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unbelievable Site Guys!

you guys did an awesome job with this site! well worth the wait! i think it looks better than any other gaming website i visit. I tihnk im going to go as far as going to say better than ANY site i visit!  AWESOME JOB!!!!

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