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The anime fighters have always been at 9AM/early. It's not a slight against them. Also KI is on right after it. If Microsoft was gonna pull some incentives you'd think it would be to get them better standing than 11AM.

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So I've seen GBNY referred to as Giant BEAST (Bomb-East) and I just wanna know if Giant Bomb Classic tries to go the same route and mix Bomb and West...

and it becomes...

Giant BEST.

I don't think I could handle the war and bloodshed that could bring.

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The kid falls of overtime the big monster takes a huge hit. I don't think the rascal has been actually hurt.

Besides, MK is messed for many other reasons.

Yeah, MK is messed up for a ton of stuff but with their legacy (yanno, creatin the ESRB) they ain't dumb. They are not about to make Kid Killer 2015. I just rewatched the footage again and I don't even think the little grommit is even in the block animation. 100% safe.

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If you look at the trailer and watch the gameplay anytime the character is hit it's the big guy taking all of the damage the little one falls off/into the background. So I am sure the little one will never be in any actual harm.

I am also all for calling them Piggybak and Bakpak until further notice.

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  • Deadpool
  • Any Dynasty Warriors (barring the afformentioned 6)
  • The entire Army of Two series
  • Flying Dragon 64
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
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As people have pointed out, the Beta version of the dashboard from what I have seen on the internets does push most, if not all, not game advertising off to the smaller sides. I think I even recall someone mentioning that Mark of the Ninja WAS being promoted on the Beta dashboard the day it came out.

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Did you shoot the girl in the street?

Nope, because logically it would've made no difference. Walkers hearing her screaming would've had to pass the Pharmacy anyway. Would've just been more on the road back.

Did you abandon Lilly?

Yes, partially because SHE JUST FUCKING SHOT MY BOO IN THE FACE and secondly I metagamed a bit and knew that she appears in the comics so she obviously survives the events of the game and/or leaves at some point. I figured no matter what choice was made she was going to be leaving one way or another.

Did you fight Kenny?

No, I managed to talk him down. He pretty much hated me since Ep 1 (I actually half-sided with Larry in Ep 1 and Lily in Ep 2) but I didn't feel like fighting him because seeing how the episode was going it would've been all too easy for the fight to go to far and whoops there goes Kenny off the train and now we are stuck with Ben, Clem, and Chuck.

Did you shoot Duck?

Yes. Again, Kenny hates me. Don't trust him with a gun.

Did you help Omid?

Yes, I felt guilty because I sorta threw his ass off a bridge.

Also I told everyone about my past. Sort of.

I told only Katjaa and Lily that I was going to prison for murder. I did however tell Katjaa that Kenny killed Larry.

I told Katjaa, Clem, and Ben that I was simply just going to jail.

I didn't tell Duck anything. Not because there was no option...but because DETECTIVE DUCK ALREADY FUCKING KNEW. DETECTIVE DUCK KNOWS ALL.

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I'm loving the game so far, personally. Although multiplayer is hella laggy.

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@Hunter5024 said:

Unless the wrestler actually went by multiple names like Cactus Jack and Dude Love then they really ought not be a separate character, but a separate costume instead. My solution for you is to invent a time travelling plot device when playing this game, because they probably will not have fixed anything.

The PR line they are putting out is that the different versions of the wrestlers have different movesets to match the wrestlers at the time. I.E Attitude Era Y2J has the Walls of Jericho and the Lionsault as a finisher instead of The Codebreaker and the Liontamer like he does now.

But we'll see. I'm just happy that I can actually remake a Nation of Domination without having to import the song in.

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I'm in the GameFly hive so I probably won't buy it. But seriously I'd be sold if it had a branching storymode like No Mercy did or dynamic storymodes. Maybe they wouldn't have to voice it but say if I started the story with a jobber like Primo then the story would be about me working my way up through the smaller belts and smaller shows but if I started with John Cena I'd already be at the top and trying to fend off the new comers.

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