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Here's what I did on a fuel run in default weather in a hosted session. I did try a different setup. I took it from the notes in this youtube video. I'll go back and try a stint with that other setup later this week. Filling up and changing tires after this stint took 64 seconds.

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Well all learned something this weekend in the VLN race this weekend. @khann and I had it re-enforced "Don't touch the curbs." @iron1c found that he can do a 4 hour stint and @slowbird found that he could do a whole stint.

Also really things happen fast with the GT3, including the bad things so I'm going to do more practice in the MX-5.

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@davyc412: Awesome. I applied it to my personal car too.

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So this is the VLN layout and not the 24 but here are my sector times to compare with the MX-5. I used this setup.

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Just wanted to show how well our weekend went. We had two bad entries in the race at Interlagos on Saturday and Sunday was the worst. This was coming to the green in 40 something car field and we had qualified in the 20s. After the horror that was our Saturday we called it before even trying to go back out there with another damaged car. Probably the worst crash at a start we've seen in an endurance race.

On a better note in Nascarland I had this great luck at Talladega in a B class fixed race.

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You guys are damn fast.

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@mouse: Haha. Well @slowbird said he's going to keep driving the Ruf until he stops wrecking it if you want to join him.

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We drove as two teams with the Ruf in the Sunday endurance. Neither team fared very well but maybe we were a bit wrong talking so bad about the Ruf? One team did manage a top 10 in our split with a Merc on Saturday. It was also a Miku paint but I forgot to get a screenshot.

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I'm game for the MX-5. Thanks for updating the shet @sebw No worries about the old sebring sheet.