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I read it as if they couldn't get CPU/AI missions events and economy going by release so they're just going to do them as online "events" post release.

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Awesome work duder!

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Thanks for making a statement, thanks for making the site and continuing to make the site's community inclusive as possible.

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The way he hit the tractor and the tractor lines up with the car was just the worst combination. Suzuka is usually only 2nd to Monaco in the swiftness and thoroughness of the safety crews clearing accidents. Bad luck with the way the weather was getting worse at the time. Can hope for the best but after the seeing the video looks like itmay not be good.

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Wasn't there a movie about this?

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@hailinel said:

Delayed from October 28th to November 18th, for those that don't follow the link. Not that big of a deal.

Thanks. OP went all link baity.

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You can put me in the camp that this has happened to as well. Also with the left stick only. Bought the grip-it brand ones and actually like them better because I didn't like the concave nature of the PS4 sticks anyway.

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I do like the side widget for premium content.

A) Helps me make sure I didn't miss anything. Alt-F1s get buried quick sometimes.

B) Helps us and the crew, I'm sure, to make sure they're putting out frequent premium content. (This was one of the main points that came up around the last survey time.)

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As others mentioned the 120 or 240 hertz isn't a big deal but you'll want to know what the input lag is. So if it can do those hertz then it should be a quick display, which is good, but how good is the game mode? Cnet now puts input lag scores in their reviews and is a nice resource.