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You can put me in the camp that this has happened to as well. Also with the left stick only. Bought the grip-it brand ones and actually like them better because I didn't like the concave nature of the PS4 sticks anyway.

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I do like the side widget for premium content.

A) Helps me make sure I didn't miss anything. Alt-F1s get buried quick sometimes.

B) Helps us and the crew, I'm sure, to make sure they're putting out frequent premium content. (This was one of the main points that came up around the last survey time.)

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As others mentioned the 120 or 240 hertz isn't a big deal but you'll want to know what the input lag is. So if it can do those hertz then it should be a quick display, which is good, but how good is the game mode? Cnet now puts input lag scores in their reviews and is a nice resource.

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Another awesome reason to play a female crusader is that the voice actor is none other than the Major from Ghost in the Shell, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

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I still think about old EQ occasionally. Its really weird. I wasn't good at it and I didn't progress very far in it but I had so much fun with it. Playing with my friends and just filling out the world in my head.

I started playing in in '99 or '00. I remember I had finally started making money and was going to try a MMO either Everquest or Ultima Online. I ended up going with Everquest. I played it for a couple nights to see what it was like and then got 2 of my other friends involved as well. I get nostalgic for the old software rendered UI with the mini 3D environment in the middle of the screen and huge buttons around the screen.

I played a druid on 7th Hammer. I can't remember our guild name. We weren't involved with it's ongoings really. We didn't group with them too much and the guild didn't do raids or anything. It was just another chatroom. EQ was the first time I'd where someone I had played with or chatted with online had died though. Unfortunately it wasn't the only time but it was the first time I had to go through those feelings of "Are they a friend even if I don't even know their real name or even what they look or sound like?"

My one friends kind of had his own detached apartment at his parents place so we just left our computers setup over at his house. We would go to his place when we weren't working and just play. Honestly I don't even remember what level I got to. I kind of recall some of the hell levels, wasn't level 56 one of them? I remember a lot of having quest guide websites open to even figure out how to get and complete quests. The "game" part of that game was pretty frustrating. Outside of walking around a 3d environment and clicking buttons it was pretty much a brick wall of systems I recall. I think I mostly ported my friends around and cast entangle to let my friends actually kill stuff. I seem to remember the druid being not too good at anything except porting. I really enjoyed being in the fantasy environments in a 3D world with other people though. I remember during all the stupid, kill x, y number of times quests I would just imagine what-if this game was more robust and had actual story lines and impact of the player. I would make up back stories or history of areas.

I know we stopped playing probably in 2002. A couple of us got different jobs and then also started sampling other MMOs. I know I was playing Anarchy Online & the Shadowbane beta and the EVE Online beta. But playing Everquest directly lead to me getting an job at a start-up in 2002 trying to make a MMO. It went horribly wrong but it was my experience working in the games industry.

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Congrats Vinny.

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Enjoy your vacation duder!

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I really enjoy the series but feel they're going downhill a bit. The 4th I'm in the middle of now, but super bummed about it because I like the series as a "we are bunch of peeps doing whatever in space" and it's seriously gets away from that in the 4th.

I'll keep reading them though because I haven't found anything else that seems to have as much fun with their near future, this solar system space stuff. Also the writers seem like SyFy is doing good by them on the new show.

Spoilery talk:

What I don't like about the series is the "zombie" threat. I feel it was just a cheap device in the first book and I'm glad it's mostly moved away from that. As for why I dislike the 4th is that I feel they opened up these gates to sooooooo many places and the book is just on this one planet surface-side. I liked how there was a lot of time spent in space in the previous books.

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My worry is still if my games will be available in the future. With books, I still worry but hope Amazon will come around with DRM like Apple did with music. With movies I don't re-watch usually so I'm ok just renting it the first time and renting it if I ever want to see it again. But games I go back to play. Even if it's just to play it for a day.

My example is the NeoGeo Pocket Color. I was strapped for cash and had to sell mine and all my games at one point. But because of physical media and ebay I'm able to get those games again and play them. If the NGPC was a PSPgo type system and with the state of SNK today I know those servers would be turned off. So I'd be out of these games and they'd be lost. FYI BioMotor Unitron is pretty great and everyone should try it.

Some of my Atari & Nintendo collection is 30 years old and I'm totally ok with PSN's PS1 emulation. It's a good compromise for me. But I'm getting games on there with the expectation that they keep that emulation going to PS4 and that hasn't happened yet.

I love downsizing and getting rid of stuff but games aren't a place where I can do that yet.

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I recently got a Nike+ Fuelband. Anyone know if there is a GB group out there for it?