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@FluxWaveZ: Were you able to get a game in?  I know that I was able to get in a fair amount of the Civil War (Team Deathmatch) and Survival of the Fittest, though that was near the end of March.  I haven't tried recently. I know PC had more issues finding people.
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@End_Boss:  Thanks for the quick response!  I was looking for that FAQ through the links at the top but kept getting the FAQ for the site (which is a good read).   But that FAQ still doesn't seem to help me figure out how to join my 360 Gamertag with my Giant Bomb profile for Achievement-whoring... I mean importing.
I meant finding friends from my Steam friends list and/or that dreaded 'IRL'.  =]  Like searching by e-mail address or suspected username in the search, rather than scrolling through the user list.  For instance, Loonyboi found me (he's a smart monkey) but I'm still trying to figure out how I would have found him.
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Just what I need another quest thing.  I suppose this is probably better than clicking Facebook Games, but I'm not yet convinced.
I would vastly prefer that there were an easy way to find people on this site that I know, and if there is anyone who can tell me how to link my Xbox profile and/or my WoW ones I would be very happy to do so.