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Here are some more codes for the Evolve Alpha.


Thank you!

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For some reason I'm getting a Tetris Axis vibe from this one... :D

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Awesome list! So many great games out there.

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@sanj said:

Cara really sounds like Karen Gillian.

That's funny, because they are both known to write for Rock, Paper, Shotgun from time to time.

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Great choice of guests on this programme so far!

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Brothering intensifies.

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Oh hey guys, what's up?

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@hanktheawesome08: I will let you in on a secret, they giantbomb guys are not good at video games.

Oh, I think Team Brad might want to have a word with you. Also, countless other occasions.

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The stars at 19:40 ... prophetic.

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This was great. :)

Patrick quote of the week: "Nice camera angle Japan!"

That and "We get the Billies every time!"