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@deathfromace: I wear XL, and the XL on the GB store fits me like normal XLs do.

Thank you. Now i just have to wait for them to get back to me about my discount code I lost a year ago.

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I normally wear a large size shirt. Has anyone really had a difference in their shirt sizes and needed to up to a Xlarge?

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You sometimes have to wonder if the Homefront IP is actually cursed.

I don't wonder if it's cursed but I do wonder if the IP is worth it.

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The original still holds up so I don't see the need to buy it but if it leads to a new game I'm all for that.

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I have seen Kindergarten Cop and I did enjoy it.

I personally really liked The Sixth Day and it is probably one of the movies that got me to enjoy his movies. I have also seen True Lies but I don't remember much of the movie.

I did not stay awake long enough to watch Eraser but it is on my list to watch now.

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Was there ever any shirts made? I really wanted one but never could find a link or anything.

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The only reason you shouldn't watch it is if you know you dislike 80's and 90's Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Well that settles it as I do enjoy most of his older movies.

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So I've been up for 20 hours trying to get on my new work schedule and I'm bored. I've heard Jeff mention the movie Eraser a couple times over the past few years and I can never tell if he actually likes the movie.

Mainly I'm asking if I should watch the movie.

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So I was the guy that asked the question on how Jeff cleans his games in the podcast and sadly the answer was more or less he didn't know the correct way to do it.

So what do you guys think the best way to clean older games is? With the Retron 5 coming out I feel the need to clean all the games before I put them in it.

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I don't know whom this is an april fools too? I love the shot of the people reacting to the business man on the street the most.

Most people just use the holiday to have fun and I'm okay with that. I doubt anyone took this as a serious job (I hope at least) but it's a fun thing to put a video out for and a neat update that let's people do things.