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I had two playthroughs. The first was me trying to figure everything out myself, finished the game at 16 hours exactly. The second playthrough Ended at about 20 hours, having done litererally everything that I missed, which was four optional bosses, hunter weapons and tools. I now have all the trophies except for defeating the special boss in the chalice dungeon. I currently have two and a half dungeons to go through until I can fight her. Almost done. But I did really enjoy about 80% of this game. Parts got frustrating to the point where I couldn't say it was myself that was causing the problems. I felt some of the enemies would start doing cheap attacks or the camera wouldn't help in a situation.

Also. Fuck the Blood-Starved Beast.

I had no fun on some of the last bosses where the zone was so cheap that the legit tactic was to run past everything in the area to get to a lamp and the boss.

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I can't say I was the same exact level but I was around level 80 as well during that part and I think he was 81. I was also using the defense rune along with the more souls and more items ones. Dan and I played almost the same exact way except I used the Cane.

If I didn't beat the game already I would go back and show the damage being done is the same at level 90 but I'm in new game plus now. I can't explain the damage difference and could find no information on it.

Edit: He does have 30 strength and I went way more in skill. It's possible that is the difference if strength adds way more in defense than skill. But I only had 16 or so in str and the rest in skill, endurance, and vit.

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So while I have been watching Dan stream Bloodborne I can't help but notice he is taking far less damage than I did.

I had the same armor with maybe hundred or so less hp but everything that hits him is doing half the damage. Like when he was in the Unseen Village he was getting hit for nothing but those ladies would almost kill me after hitting me.

The only difference I see is he has about 20 less insight but every thing I've read about insight would not change that.

I have beat the game but I was in shock on just how much more damage I took when I was playing.

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I would bet almost anything that half the budget they are asking for is going on ridiculous, shitty swag.

Seriously, look at all the JUNK you get if you are pledging for the higher tiers? It's the mistake all rookie kickstarters make. You're going to give me a hoody and a shirt and a mug and USB stick and a photo of your mom and an IKEA chair and a spare key to your house because I pledged $100? Do you not need that money, for say, the game instead of producing a bunch of generic tat?

Shit, you're right. I didn't even notice that. I was wondering why the price was so high. But I'm curious if it will really add up to a significant amount. It DOES seem, however, that they have a good amount of high pledgers.

From reading their FAQ and other dev posts it sounds like they planned for that with cost of shipping and item production. I would think they get more money out of the higher tiers because all of this than they do with the 15$ ones. I could be wrong but either way I backed it and got the 250$ tier.

This is the first Kickstarter that I've seen that speaks to me and has a game I want with items I would like to have in the tiers above the one to just get the game.

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Am I the only one that saw the game in they're games list and got super excited and thought they got beta access? But then saw the price tag and got sad.

I got access to the game a month or so ago and still have not played it. To much time on Hearthstone and finally getting around to playing The Witcher 2

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A good 8 hour wait to get in the last couple of days. I heard they are bringing new servers up so that might take it down by an hour or two.

I'm on server Naima if anyone wants to join. I'm almost level 20

Queues are absolutely fucking insane, it's very frustrating. I'm currently unemployed, so I can deal with this shit, but for someone who has responsibilities and things to do I can completely sympathize with. Yesterday I queued up at 1:30, and didn't get on until a little after 10, IN THE PATRON QUEUE.

They added in new servers last night actually, and it's sort of helping, since today I only had a 4 hours queue.

I'm a normal player and even today is looking to be about another 8hr wait. Mine didn't seem to change as I expect no one wants to reroll another character. I just plan ahead and join in early so I can play later. I work 6-2 tomorrow so I think joining the queue at 6 will be okay and by 2 I should be in or almost be in.

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A good 8 hour wait to get in the last couple of days. I heard they are bringing new servers up so that might take it down by an hour or two.

I'm on server Naima if anyone wants to join. I'm almost level 20

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I'm 4 hours into the queue with another ">1 hour" to go. And I paid $100 for the Gold Founder pack. Very frustrating - I'll probably get through the queue with just enough time to log off and head to bed.

I've been waiting for 4ish hours and I started at 4k and now I'm at 14,31

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@deathfromace: I wear XL, and the XL on the GB store fits me like normal XLs do.

Thank you. Now i just have to wait for them to get back to me about my discount code I lost a year ago.

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I normally wear a large size shirt. Has anyone really had a difference in their shirt sizes and needed to up to a Xlarge?