And it is time now for "what the fuck am I playing now" Brought to you today by: Cola and over eating Halloween candy that is supposed to go to the kids on the 31 !!!

First up, Kirby Super Star Ultra
I finaly have got a 100 percent completed game file! And I must retract my previous statement that the game is mostly replay value. It has a lot of new gems inside now that I have gone all the way through it. The biggest add on was Meta Knight Ultra. Basically you run through all 5 major games (be it significantly cut short in parts) as my fave kirby char, Meta Knight. You don't get to coppy abilities, instead you have Skills you can use, after collecting enough energy points to use the attacks, and frankly those skills are better then anything you can really get by using Kirby, though still I love the pink ball.

Next up: Digimon World Championship
>.> All I can say is what is keeping me playing this game for over 20 hours??!! Why!! Its got nothing special, but I am still hooked on it. Its not even a propper virtual pet training application, yet here I am working my fingers to the bone training my digital monsters so they can get to Mega level and kick ass >.>

Finaly: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
After I beat subspace emisarry mode, I kinda just put the game down for a few months, still having to unlock Wolf as a Character. Well I guess that sense of uncompletedness kept eating away at me as I finaly about a week ago picked it up again and unlocked Wolf. Now I have all the characters unlocked and am working on completeing the challenges one at a time, slowly. There are a lot of things to still unlock >.> Cripes.

So thats about it for this edition of WTFAIPN, stay tuned for more complete random spouting.


Audio Surfin USA

So bottom line, the gaming industry has been flooded with large amounts of Rhythm based games. What's worse is they are now starting to integrate other forms of puzzle content into these tittles. Ok all, DDR is great, heck I even play time to time Phase for the Apple Ipod, but I think we need to stop flooding the market.
However, with that said I would like to point out a gem that has been out for a while via Steam, yes its not just for counterstrike anymore. The gem's name is Audio Surf. Its crazy, really. Basically its part puzzle game, part Rhythm madness and another part futuristic jet car simulation..ok simulation is a bit of a stretch but get over it people.
I am not writing a review here so you want to know more about what the game is then try the demo or look else where, what I am telling you here is this game does seem to give you more ways to enjoy music. I was very surprised that people were actually posting scores on some of my more random song selections. Specifically my J-Pop tastes, who knew I was not the only one on crack when downloading music.
Check out Audio Surf, and maybe you and I can be score buddies. This for the record is the first game I have downloaded using Steam, and I have found the addiction known as achievements, god help me. No I am not going to go out and buy an Xbox 360 don't worry, but I can kinda see why its so interesting. OOO SHINY!!! I got another badge that means nothing!

Send in the Moogles

Final Fantasy Tactics: A2 (WHY THE LONG NAMES!!!)
Is pretty damn awesome
I did not play much of Tactics Advance for the GBA or Tactics for the PS1, but I have played a good deal of other tactic based titles. I knew from the moment I saw the 1.5 inch instruction booklet (and no it did not have the French part in it either, that was separate) I was in big trouble. The game is so complex but still amazing game play wise. Storyline as normal for FF titles is a little lacking (sorry I mean most recent FF Titles) but you really get out of that when you play the missions, go on quests, upgrade your character and build weapons.
Here is a hint, Try to follow the Law set at the beginning of your matches, this gives you a really decent payout at the end along with your standard loot.
AND OH OH You get a moogle thief in your party right from the beginning! I LOVE MOOGLES!! ok not really but meh

On a secondary non moogle related topic (no moogles? :( Bastard) Another Square Enix title called The World Ends With You is a crazy Japanese non cola induced yet still rather effective fever dream. Fulled or Filled how ever sane you are at that moment, with crazy j-pop battle music, strange storyline, and even more insane battle is worth picking up. If you are emo, punk, or hyped up on cola like I always am! Pick it up or at least rent it or what ever you kids do for gaming these days.

*taps keyboard frantically* oooo skittles! long and prosper.... Wakka Wakka....MOOGLES!!!!


Iron Men Can't Fly

Thank you for blessing me with another came in my queue.
I wonder exactly what they hell I was on when I placed some of these games on that list. I mean really really wonder.
Anyway this shipment: Iron Man The Game for the Wii.
The movie, worth seeing twice...or three times...or...uh nevermind. The game, not so bad that you want to cut off your own fingers to avoid the feeling of burning, but still not good enough to warrent an actual perchase. I have not played the other billion versions of this game out there, however the Wii Version can be best described as goofy. You start off in the cave, deep within DerkaDerkaStan (not actual name of place) trying to break out of the craziness Oh, is it too late to declare spoiler alert? hrm... oh well my bad. Anyway you start out in the cave, escaping the craziness, and try out a rather impressive flame thrower or as stark would say "glorified Lighter" and start your own canable BBQ Party! yay! I want the thigh meat!!
The controls at least on the wii are flimsy and beyond repair...but that really was to be expected quite frankly. The thing that made me cry was FLYING IS A BITCH!!! ...I like flying...birds are cool...yet I KEEP CRASHING!! I mean no I may not be skilled at games but come one how hard is it to make even a simple flying system that looks good....god.
Ok ok, not making a review here...calm down...breath...happy place...what? cola? GIMME!!

The World Ends With....

Myself having little to no sleep, not enough cola...or a combo of both. But really, the main reason I am having no sleep is due to the sole fact I have started fully playing The World Ends With You, a happy little title for the Nintendo DS, brought to you by Square Enix. Yes I know I have not heard of them either but I am told they made a fetish/bdsm game called Final Fantasy? Ok don't shoot me please, put down your nukes and just listen, I told you I am having little sleep here. But really, The World Ends With You is a fantastic little gem that is full of Japanese goodness, jpop fever dreams (not to be confused with Cola Induced Fever Dreams or WTF for short) along with other great aspects.
At first the gameplay gets very confusing what with you having to control two characters. One on the touch screen, controlled by the stylus, and the second on the top screen controlled by the D-Pad or the A,B,X,Y Buttons for you lefties out there, as if you were not weird enough. This battle style seems crazy and down right insane, however I erg you to take about 30 min to an hour to fine tune your skills, and you will be a master in no time. This is not a game review so I will not go into major spoiler alerts, so put down your flaming pitch forks. What I am going to tell you though is the storyline is one I have really not experienced, at least not in a long time. The real downside is the time frame it takes to get far in the game.
Once you get to the point I am, it becomes rather simple to rack up the levels, the coin to buy upgrades, and to make yourself really really really He'Man Like "I HAVE THE POWER!!!" ok...sorry I had to do that at least once alright. Not their standard work of "play this game till I level up high enough or die trying, what ever comes first" for Square if you ask me, at least what I have seen so far, compelling yes, but a real time drainer, no. Is this however really truely a bad thing? I mean don't we spend too much time levelling up and going on quests as it is with other games? The World Ends With You, I shall in fact leave to you, but as a final word, Refreshing.