My Playlist 2011 - March

  • Rift: 
Burnt out a bit too much with the beta and head start hardly put any time into Rift in March

  • Battleheart: 

A great little gem of a game on the ipod/phone. Played ten hours and just started a second play through with different characters, two hours in and still want to play this… feel a bit guilty still having a Rift account subscription going and would rather play this little game. 

  • Dawn of War 2 Retribution:   

This has been my bread and butter on my PC since it released put thirty five hours and still enjoying it. Even with all the campaigns basically being the same just with different units. Looking forward to the new Last Stand update coming soon, Wargear unlocks linked with certain achievements = win in my book. Still a bit pissed they dumped GFWL support though but oh well.

  • Alien Swarm: 

Finally found some time for this Alien Breed style co-op shooter that was originally going to be an UT3 mod. Great fun though I seem to always have to choose the medic role because of incompetent public game players 50% of the time. The lobby system feels very much Left 4 Dead inspired

  • Revenge of the Titans: 

Got this game on steam because I liked the look and style, not a bad base defence game with a lot of possible unlocks to choose from.

  • Maple Story: 

Noticed the new mechanic class on the US servers and decided to give Maple Story a try. Got myself a Mech, shot up some stuff, and then wondered why I wasted so much time downloading it.

  • Space Hulk Board Game:

Not a video game but spent a lot of my gaming time making a travel version of this out of print game.


My Playlist 2011 - February

  • Magicka:

Highly fun game hampered by some technical issues but still a joy to play, 2 player co-op was a blast but I’ve heard 3 or 4 player co-op is affected by network issues. 
Some combo's I used repeatedly:

QFASSS (very powerful beam + area of effect) 
DFEFF (earth barrier that’s on fire) 
RRRRE (hold shift when casting to freeze everything in a wide circle around you)

  • King Arthur The Role Playing Wargame:

I’ve always wanted to try a "Total War" style of strategy game and having a bunch of knights taking on mythical creatures really appeals to me so picked this up in a Steam sale. Enjoying it so far but ended up getting distracted by DoW 2 again. might pick up Warhammer: Mark of Chaos.

  • Eve Online: 

Finally finished moving my ships to Jita for selling, it take so long to do anything in this game took me two weeks to finally feel like I can take a break from Eve.

  • Global Agenda: 

Got my assault character to almost level 30, not sure if I will continue to play this game.

  • Rift:

Played the Beta + Headstart for a while and ended up making a few alts, so much choice with your characters souls I’m finding it hard to choose one to be my main. Though a Cleric healer is appealing the most.

  • Dawn of War 2 + Chaos Rising:

With all the hype for Retribution I convinced a friend to play through both campaigns in co-op. it's even more fun than i thought it would be :)

  • Front Mission Evolved:

Being a Mech fan I gave this a go and have to say it’s not to horrible of a game. Not saying it’s good but I’m getting a MechAssault vibe from it.

  • Darksiders:

Finally started this game which has been sitting on my shelf for a long time, put a few hours into it definitely liking it but DoW II and Rift took up most of my game time this month. 

My Playlist 2011 - January

  • Eve Online:

Has been my go to MMO for almost half a year, thinking about taking a break from it for a while starting from February.... "cough" Rift "cough"
  • Global Agenda:

Surprised by this game, not a bad little MMOFPS that has taken 30+ hours from me this month and I’m still enjoying it. I have an assault character up to level 28.
  • Transformers: War for Cybertron:

Inspired by finding and watching my old copy of the original transformers movie I decided to give this game a go. It’s an ok game got a few hours out of it.
  • Mario Kart Wii:

Treated myself to a Wii and picked up a few games, Mario Kart is still as fun as it has even been.  
  • Super Mario Galaxy:

I like it a lot full of interesting ideas, can’t wait to see what a ghost house looks like in this game.
  • Super Mario Bros. Wii:

If you have played Super Mario Bros. DS this is very similar in a good way, loving the co-op mode.