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@jozzy: 52 layers in total, you can buy the reflection decals from the shop :)

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@jozzy: Finally finished the Giant Bomb Emblem, or at least got it to a point that I'm happy with it.

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@YukoAsho said:

Just got the game and am loving it to death, but I can't help but notice this odd sound hitch in Story 00 and any side missions that take place in that area. It's like this weird, and completely random BZZT sound. I've already switched discs at the GameStop, and I have it installed on my 360, but the weird sound persists. Anyone else having that issue?

I have the same problem also.

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So far (apart from Shadow) there hasn’t been any interest in the UK team. I’ll keep it going for a while longer to see if there’s a massive influx of players but might have to consider finding another team to join because it’s no fun being the Billy-no-mates.

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I'm still sitting in the corner of my mech bay looking out of the window like a billy-no-mates over in the UK team lol. Guess there just isn't many (read that as any) UK players that use

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Thanks for spotlighting the Armored Core V UK/EU/AU thread :)

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@jozzy: Thanks jozzy :) this editor brings back good memories of all the hours I spent making images in Chromehounds lol.

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@ShadowVirus: Hopefully see you in game :) though so far I’ve mostly spent my time messing with the emblem editor more than actually running any missions.

So far I’ve come up with this but it’s still a work in progress, need to try and round off the mouth a bit better and stuff.

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(Edit. Xbox 360 version)

So after finding out that I can't join you guys in America for some AC goodness because of stupid region locks :( (It’s a shame because the American team is shaping up nicely, 15 members already?)

I've had a go at starting a UK based team (my first time running anything like this so will probably suck at it).

A casual focused team for Giant Bomb user's to have some fun playing Armored Core V, if you’re interested you can find it by searching for...

Team: Giant Bomb

Password: glhb

(jumped on the password bandwagon and used glhb also)

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@P00zombie: The problem with buying a NA version of the game is that you need to also get hold of an NA xbox 360, as well as a NA Gold live account I believe (not 100% sure but I think that's right) :(

@jozzy: I hate living in the UK sometimes for this reason, it must have something to do with the EU server being closer to UK that we get lumped in with them, but still... most multiplayer games play fine over the internet no matter where you live so why not Armored Core V?

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