End of 2012 - Games I Still Need To Finish

These are the games I have started but haven't finished yet (at least the ones I can remember doing so). Some of them I find really shameful purely because I love the game. This is only going by single player and I am not mentioning 100% games (otherwise my most shameful would be The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection having still got one of the Colossi to defeat in Hard Time Attack and I haven't finished the second ICO playthrough yet). Also, I have to have at least finished the introduction zone/level/area because otherwise it will be filled with games that I got, turned on, and then left for other games I was still in the middle of. May hopefully 2013 be the year that I knock some of them out. (Probably not though - damn you exams and life choices!)

--- I'll finish when I get more time; will have to leave it here for the moment ---

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