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@vextroid: do have a friend who was going to loan me his ps3 but it died just after he got an xbone so he didn't replace it. as for getting one myself, i went a little next gen crazy last year and got the xbone and ps4 (already had a wii u) so i'm not looking for more last gen stuff to play (ratchet, souls, etc) cause i've got enough new stuff. i just know i'll want to play UC4 when it comes out and would like to have played the whole story. having looked into Now i figure i could beat all 3 in a month for $20. but i'll wait till after E3 cause you never know.

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So i skipped over the ps3 last gen forgoing the uncharted series and god of war 3. I've got a ps4 and with the remastered god of war 3 on it's way i've got that based covered (say what you will i liked the first two and want to see how this dumb power fantasy ends). how ever i'd like to play through the three uncharteds before the next one comes out and i know uncharted 3 got released for playstation now recently. i'm pretty sure the one & two are up there as well so the question is would this be a good way to play these games (i'm not currently subscribing to PS Now) or should i wait for "Nathan Drake Collection" for ps4 that must be in the works, right?

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but that new star fox game that was only off handly mentioned in a video of zelda being played will still be out this year right.... right?

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I've been up and down on my Wii U since i got it. how ever looking back now with Mario Kart 8, DKTF, Rayman Legends, WWHD, SSB Wii u, Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad and mario galaxy 2 & metriod trilogy (i did not own a wii) i've been pretty happy with it. as for the future, fingers crossed that mario maker is what i hope it can be.

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i've had this happen but not recently. do you 'close application' on the last game or app you were using before you go to rest mode? i would get that beep when it goes into rest mode and had trouble shutting down any game/app that was running and it seemed that's when it would power down, so i just started hitting options and closing before going to rest.

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there's really only one thing that can happen:

Gabe walks on stage in a large overcoat, the screen behind him shows the half life lambda symbol. the crowd cheers. He removes his coat to show he's grown a third arm, the lambda symbol now has a big red X over it. Gabe turns his back to the crowd and as he walks off flips three birds.

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well sony just let the trademark for The Last Guardian lapse so i'd say Half life 3.

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i was interested when it looked like a steampunk next gen gears of war, but all the talk about qte and long cinematics with short bursts of game play have me on the fence. i'll wait for some more input that isn't pr driven.

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@71ranchero: it's the ps1 alpha 3, not the psp alpha 3 max.

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like the others have said, not often. but i think (as is the nintendo way) they're slowly coming into line with the other digital stores in terms of how often there are sales. also while it might be a wild fantasy i kinda hope the club nintendo replacement is their version of 'games with gold' and ps+ stuff.