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while Nintendo doesn't recommend it you can use a usb stick to add space.

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i've got both and to me it breaks down like this, the reasons to get a xbone are 1) that's where your friends are playing 2) you like the MS first party games (halo, gears, crackdown, etc) other wise get a PS4.

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Having read a bunch of reviews talking about the game & it's issues with story and now having played it myself i kind of understood what they were talking about. How ever being a big star wars nerd and reading this (whole article here) by Carolyn Petit it gave me a good reference point to clearly understand my feelings about the game.

"The game’s narrative doesn’t develop your character at all, but to me, her look suggested that this was a person with an interesting story. I was reminded of the rogues gallery of bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back, most of whom get almost no screen time, but whose looks are so distinctive and memorable that as a child, I was thrilled by the idea of their stories, and the larger universe their existence seemed to suggest. I wanted the action figures for them, so that I could create their stories on my own.

And as I played through Destiny’s hollow story, a story full of vague mumbo-jumbo that doesn’t mean anything at all and is only the flimsiest excuse to send you from Earth to the moon to Venus to Mars, killing things all the while, this was the feeling that I kept coming back to. That I was playing with elaborate playsets and action figures that suggested stories and that have tremendous potential to tell them, but that don’t actually bother to do it."

I encourage you to read the whole thing as she (like most) liked the game but in the end found it lacking.

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@theht: you can call a thing a person has done sexist with out meaning that is person sexist. patricks point is that people are getting the two mixed up, either calling a person sexist for something they did without realizing or having someone tell them that what they said/did was sexist being the same as calling them sexist. one of the major points in all this mess are the things we've just come to take for granted as men/gamers as just something that's been around for ever so it's ok (example being the damsel in distress). now i have some issues with how some of this stuff is presented in the Tropes videos but the point is to get people thinking about these things from a different perspective and maybe coming up with different ways to handle it. i would love nothing more then to have discussion about these topics but when compared to the shit storm these people have had to go through my opinions come off more as nit picks.

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The forums are where non-premium members can hear about the content in the premium sections and make the decision if it's worth their money. so no.

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@gaspower: Well with the involvement of Del Toro i think calling him 'dude what makes blades weapons in blade two' might be more applicable.

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pretty sure it was cave story +.

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Titan, that punch is just way too satisfying. might try a warlock as a secondary but i don't usually roll more then one character with the exception of borderlands but then i had two groups i played with.

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I've been playing it on ps4 and it feels like an evolution of their halo game play. Which is great, i really loved the combat in the halo games and being able to run anytime makes it even better. That said what really sucked me into the halo games was the silly actiony si-fi story and all the well defined characters around master chief. i'm not sure this has that, it's a wait and see thing though. after playing the beta i'm thinking i might pick it up were as before i figured the combo of wolfenstien and titanfall would scratch my single and multi fps itch (gross right).