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If a spot opens up I'd appreciate an invite. Wanted to wait to see if I'd stick with it and currently obsessed with the game.

Username: gmarti

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@bradbrains: Good write-up. I've been in a similar situation. I remember when I used to go on facebook multiple times a day and how my mood suffered. I stopped using facebook a few years ago and within a month I was noticeably happier. I still keep an account for contacts but since I so rarely check it I do miss out on some things with my friends though the ones that matter learned to just call.

I'm also in my late 20's and just graduated after returning to school. It gets easier to readjust to a school routine and I honestly appreciated school a lot more now than when I was younger.

Thanks again for writing this. Having my lost my job recently it's good to be reminded of what's important and to see people with similar experiences living life happily and overcoming any negativity.

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Thanks to Jeff and the staff for putting something official out and with some thought behind it aside from the obvious condemning of harassment. And again props to Rorie and the mods for the work they do keeping the forums in order.

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Apocalypse is one of my favorite PS1 games and I still play it on occasion. Just a really solid dual stick shooter.

Anhovies are awesome and I love them on pizza, burgers, in a salad, or just some bread.

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I finally took the plunge on a 3DS XL two weeks ago and now they announce a new sku with an actual change to the hardware. I've been loving the system so far and would definitely buy it again if given the choice to wait until the new 3DS is released in NA but I'm still annoyed. Also the potential for exclusive games on the new sku is a scary prospect since the 3DS still has a lot of life left in it.

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Hey, here are 2 more ps4 US codes



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In addition to some of the suggestions already made, the Rayman and Joe Danger ios games are really fun. 868-hack is a great game and an interesting take on roguelikes.

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Hey duders. I just got hired for a new job (temporary for the summer but could be permanent.) I'm happy since I've been looking for a few months now and was fortunate to actually get something in my field of study. The only catch is my commute is going to be about 95 minutes each way. I'm going from the Bronx to Brooklyn for people familiar with NYC.

For anyone with a similar or longer commute I'm wondering what you do to pass the time. I'm obviously going to be listening to a greatest hits of bombcasts but would welcome some other suggestions. Thanks.

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Three's, Hitman GO, and Monument Valley are all great and any of Simogo's games are worth checking out if you haven't already. If you're into puzzle games give Blek a shot. Blek has a terrible name but the gameplay is super interesting and is a natural fit for a touch screen.

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