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I finally took the plunge on a 3DS XL two weeks ago and now they announce a new sku with an actual change to the hardware. I've been loving the system so far and would definitely buy it again if given the choice to wait until the new 3DS is released in NA but I'm still annoyed. Also the potential for exclusive games on the new sku is a scary prospect since the 3DS still has a lot of life left in it.

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Hey, here are 2 more ps4 US codes



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In addition to some of the suggestions already made, the Rayman and Joe Danger ios games are really fun. 868-hack is a great game and an interesting take on roguelikes.

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Hey duders. I just got hired for a new job (temporary for the summer but could be permanent.) I'm happy since I've been looking for a few months now and was fortunate to actually get something in my field of study. The only catch is my commute is going to be about 95 minutes each way. I'm going from the Bronx to Brooklyn for people familiar with NYC.

For anyone with a similar or longer commute I'm wondering what you do to pass the time. I'm obviously going to be listening to a greatest hits of bombcasts but would welcome some other suggestions. Thanks.

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Three's, Hitman GO, and Monument Valley are all great and any of Simogo's games are worth checking out if you haven't already. If you're into puzzle games give Blek a shot. Blek has a terrible name but the gameplay is super interesting and is a natural fit for a touch screen.

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I avoided previews for both Dark Souls games after I enjoyed Demon's Souls so much until a week before each launch. I wasn't disappointed in either case. I was just talking with a friend how I wish I hadn't seen so much Watch Dogs coverage as I've almost completely lost interest in the game. Typically though I'll watch any sort of gameplay preview that I can as long as it features commentary from someone that isn't the developer. Giant Bomb and Totalbiscuit are my favorites in this regard.

I also enjoyed that Fistful of Frags video. It's all I've been playing this week and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid multiplayer FPS (and it's free!)

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I probably think about this more than is healthy for a person's well-being. A few years ago I would have said absolutely not. Unemployed, severely depressed and alienating my friends and family.

A couple months ago though I finished my Masters degree and completed an internship that I loved and really found rewarding. I'm looking for a job right now since my internship ended and that is definitely a source of frustration. I don't know if I would say i'm success yet but i have definitely improved my life.

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@hans_maulwurf: Saboteur was such a great game. I understood some of the criticism but I loved the world they created and the black and white aesthetic was stunning when you first start the game.

While it's a hard game to go back to after Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 came out I still really like Sacred 2. It's janky, buggy, and has one of the worst cameras I've ever experienced but the massive world and loot grind are incredibly satisfying.

If PC and IOS games count I would also recommend SpaceChem. This is one of the most challenging and rewarding puzzle games I've ever played and any fan of the genre should check it out.

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I'll pay full price if it's an older game I can't find locally or rarely as an impulse buy. I still enjoy getting a physical box and looking at artwork and a manual if there is one. Having done most of my gaming on PC the past year though I imagine I'll start buying more games digitally at full price on PS4 as I've gotten used to the convenience.

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