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Tier lists are just there for people to know who to use. for the weaaak maaan. 
I use Gen, even though he does kinda suck.

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@Vorbis said:
" Music would make the most sense, but it would have to have John Drake. "
I like this, especially the Drake part.
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So browsing through the various whiskey media site i came to thinking, what (if any) would be the next site they would unleash on us. They got movies, tech, comics, anime and games what else could one ask for? Well i have something- FOODED,  yeah i said it a whole site devoted to food, Durgers, Twinkies, 1000 Quesadillas and all the other insane munchies out there in the world. There'd be odd food of the week where a person eats chocolate covered squid balls and they'd let us know where to eat and how to eat it. They let us know where to get a good cup a coffee or where a good beef bowl place is. It'll have all the personality of the other whiskey media sites but with food! which would be awesome. 
.... it may be the Dominos spinach pizza i just ate but i think this would be an awesome addition. Dont you think? i guess we do get enough food talk throughout the sites in bits and pieces but i got craving for more.  
Anyway if you could make a new Whiskey site what would it be? Thanks for reading.

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Bench press your kid, do some reps, play with your kid run around with him, there has to be like 50 ways to get exercise when you have a kid you can read about in women/family magazines.

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my bet goes to epic steve.

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Next intern has big shoes to fill, i would to try but im in NY :-(

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Gears of War 
because i bought like 4 copies of that game because i kept damaging them by accident, i loved it so much i just kept buying replacement copes instead of just moving on.

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Thats funny ha.

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" No, it's just that this week's quest set is probably the worst one yet and that's why not many have completed it. "
I personally liked it when the quest was for chance at a prize like something signed by Coonce or a Bioshock mask or something like they did before.