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Thank you Ryan for all the laughs you gave and the genuine joy you put in my life. Thank you for lighting up my bad days and making my already good days, even better. You truly were a friend to me and everyone else on the site; we laughed like friends, we cried like friends and now we'll miss you like a friend.

Enjoy your vacation Ryan. Love ya.

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I know this maybe a troll but I feel L.A Noire is like the first Assassins Creed, some people loved it for the new mecanics it introduced and loved playing something different. While others thought it was boring repetitive crap.

Then the sequel came out and everyone loved it so....

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I prefer "hey mage, why don't you conjure me up a warm bed?"

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This'll probably end up in Heckler 2...

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I'm a good boy, i don't get banned.

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It was a good ending; cole trying to redeem himself for what he did, corruption still smiling at the top and the the good guys not really succeeding. 
I loved playing cole at the beginning even though he was a bit of a uptight a-hole at times, his intentions were pure and just. As the game progressed and you see him fall, i began to dislike him because he just seemed like a big hypocrite. It felt like he just wanted to make himself look good, like he was trying to prove something. Thats when the game switched characters, it's almost as if they wanted you to not get too attached to phelps because he gon be ded. Not really getting into his family life or anything too personal. I know the game tells us the story about corruption in the city but it also shows how war changes people, how it completely alters ones life and how difficult it is to cope and return to everyday life.  The very last flashback cut-scene does very well at showing this.

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I agree that there is a lot of empty space in the home page but only when a review is the promo but when there's a video up there it looks sexy. 
Also white is right.

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The same reason you see Alex in GB is the same reason you see Norm doing Comic stuff too, their good for a variety of things.

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AC: Brotherhood, with the new DLC that came out it would do for a good TNT. 
who doesn't like stabbing dudes.

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ill play!!