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@aegon said:

So...not a single serious answer, huh.

the amount of silly answers means that they're as useful as shit after fully upgrading the strength and number of your estus flasks

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@zevvion said:

@karkarov: That doesn't confirm anything though. 'Ease of rolling' is a broad description. It could mean the roll distance, it could mean roll time, it could mean how quickly you enter the iframes instead of lengthening them.

I want to know if you actually have more iframes with higher ADP as theorized.

seems everyone skipped my post earlier

@dprotp said:

ADP raises agility, which, once past 90, increases your i-frames

while it's not definitive proof, as the video states, it sheds some light on how agility and adp works

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these moments are awesome, but I've always loved how no one has ever referenced this moment:

[edit] aw shit, I didn't see that this got posted. sorry!

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My lady and I didn't mind the music--but it was mixed a bit weird at times. Maybe tone it way down? Though you already mentioned that you were going to experiment with different setups for levels, so that's pretty much covered anyway.

Good job though!

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I've been on a binge lately, and I want to know what you guys find to be the best of these.

I've seen both Cards Against Humanity TNT's multiple times, Need for Speed: HEY HEY YOU YOU, Trackmania II with Ryan/Jeff, and Fortune Street.

Also, any excellent Whiskey Media Happy Hours? I've seen a bunch of them but it's been over a year since I binge-watched 'em.

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i woke up feeling like a there was a giant hole in my life.. well, i guess there really is one.

when i broke the news to my girlfriend--who, at first, made fun of me for "watching those giant bomb guys," but has now been converted to love the crew--she had to postpone walking into the office to go and collect herself for awhile.

ryan and the the giant bomb crew have had such a deep, profound effect on my life that hasn't been that apparent until now. the countless bus rides, lunches, work commutes, and hours at home listening, watching, and experiencing what these grown men have to say about video games, numbers stations and mattresses.

stay strong, guys. everyone loves you and ryan.

ps. i chipped in another $45, extending my subscription to oct 2014. i wanted to show my support for you guys somehow...

thank you, giant bomb, for making so many lives that much more fun.

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I was playing Persona 4 with my girlfriend--an endurance run of our own, but she likes how stupid and crazy the game is--and last night, we finally made it to Adachi's reveal. I didn't question this much while watching Jeff and Vinny mainly because of how funny it was, but now that we've talked about it, Adachi being the culprit's a pretty big copout, isn't it?

His character doesn't have much depth... Even Namatame is more complex than he. Unless I'm forgetting something, since we just entered the dungeon, Adachi's motive is "bitches and whores" and "baw I can't get laid." That's it. After like 65 hours, it feels like whoever wrote this game had another character written but ended up having to cut that idea. So Adachi is left as a possible culprit, but he's comic relief and that feels so wrong.

I don't know. Maybe I'm missing something?

Also it's the first day of the dungeon and I still have Hisano (rank 9) Kanji and Rise (around rank 6 or 7... Kanji might be 8), Naoto (rank 2), Naoki (rank... 7? 6?), the whiny kid's stepmother (rank 1), and the whiny kid who needs tutoring (yet to have the Understanding). I might be screwed. But out of that list, we really only care about Hisano's and Kanji's social links... especially Hisano. Goddamn that was some sad, but really good shit.

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@s10129107 said:

My moment of the year is when

during the olympics marathon. Oh, funny.

holy fuck i wish i had watched more of the olympics stream... it got so boring i ended up just stopping :/

this and that moment in the ravaged quick look have made me laugh way too hard

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