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#1 Posted by Dr_Perscitus (44 posts) -

I think it's gross to announce your new studio in the same release that you mention all the people you're firing.

I'm all for Ken starting a new studio but he doesn't need to announce it in the same breath as this. Poorly done.

Completely agree.

It almost comes off as "I'm bored now. I will chose the 15 that will their jobs, the rest of you can fuck off"

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I don't get the fuss about the bumpers, they seem perfectly fine in my opinion. I just slide my finger from the trigger and up to the bumper and press it...

Completely agree, to be honest I don't think there is that much of a difference between the XBOXO and the 360 controller (I am fliiping between BF4 MP one the XBOXO and Dark Souls on 360). People just seem to want to find faults.

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Wolf Creek, F-ing terrified me. Still does.

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Ive got big buyers remorse at this point.

Obviously i knew there wouldnt be games for a while, but i expected them to work 2 months in. So far I've got 3 games, AC4, BF4 and NBA 2k14. The three games all have their significant issues when using online. BF4 is obivously a hot mess, NBA 2K's park mode doesnt let me join my friends, and its other online modes appear to just be broken with an infinite wait at matchmaking.

This deep in, almost 2 months, I expected my games to work, and they don't. Not to mention my PC is already better than a ps4 anyway, I just wish i never even bought the thing until the first price drop..

Especially since i only bought it for the exclusives, and couldnt' give a fuck for infamous

Me too, but my problem is that my PS4 died after just three weeks (pulsing blue light issue)... I booted the thing up a few times.

Thought we were over last gens hardware failures.

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@nodima said:

@oldirtybearon said:

I think the thing I overlooked the most and I'm sure a lot of people also have is humanity's ability to adapt and survive. We're the most stubborn species on this planet.

To be fair, I think 4,500 species of cockroach and the Raspberry Crazy Ants would disagree with you.

"We don't bend to nature; we make nature bend to us" - Charles Darwin and the last 2.5 million years disagree with you.

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What's that...who blew out the candles?

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Gamertag = Dr Perscitus

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@rittsy said:

I'd like a 3 hour video podcast of Drew playing flight sims each week; with the camera always focusing on the HOTAS and Track IR. No gameplay.


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@lexus2jz said:

@meatsim said:

Well I have Halo 3 and AC2 so at least it's a game I don't already have. Also Fable 3 was the first free games with gold game, though that's not a strong first game either.

Compare Fable 3 to the first game PS+ had, I'd say that makes Fable 3 a pretty strong first game.

According to this, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instant_Game_Collection, the first PS+ games given away were:

1Wipeout HDJune 2010
2Critter CrunchJuly 2010

So, yes, not that comparable.

However, the when the "Instant Game Collection" initiative began in June 2012, PS+ users got these in the first month:

41Sideway: New YorkJune 2012
42Choplifter HDJune 2012
43Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die AloneJune 2012
44Little Big Planet 2June 2012
45inFamous 2June 2012
46Just Cause 2June 2012
47Saints Row 2June 2012
48Ratchet and Clank: All 4 OneJune 2012
49Warhammer 40,000: Space MarineJune 2012
50Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightJune 2012
51Virtua Fighter 5 Final ShowdownJune 2012

That is a better line-up, also take into account that a lot of those free games were released on or around that date.

The problem with MS free games is that they know the exact numbers of people who have played or own Halo3 or ACII. My guess is that if you really wanted to play those games, you already have.

Still maybe we will all get a surprise and on the 16th we will get Battlefield 3 (this months PS+ freebie)!

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@jay_ray said:

@epicsteve said:

@gnatsol said:

I actually thought that was all out of place a bit...... Like Giraffes in Salt Lake? That many? What what!?

What a godlike game though and I pretty much just watched it on youtube. I already need a follow-up. Hope the dlc will continue the story from where it left off, but most likely not. Seems like sequel content, no?

I put it together they were from a zoo.

Yep from a zoo, and they wouldn't even have to be from a Salt Lake City zoo since animals walk and migrate.

I am pretty convinced that when you arrive in Salt Lake City there is a poster on the side of a bus-stop or wall that describes the recent addition of giraffes at the local zoo.

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