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Both. Done.

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I would if I still had it. My copy vanished months ago.

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Being unemployed sucks pretty hard. I'd be one of those that says that they'd rather be unemployed than work at McDonald's, but in all honesty, it's really not that bad (well, depending on what you do. Being the grill cook was easy as hell and I didn't have to deal with annoying customers.). Sitting around having nothing to do all the time but playing video games sounds like an awesome idea, but after you've done it for so long, you realize just how much doing nothing sucks. Don't get me wrong, I love gaming, but I need a mandatory break from it to actually work and get out of the house.

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Is Prince even relevant anymore?

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So I guess you could say I'm a returning player to the game, after a 15 month hiatus. I didn't get to play that much last year after I first got the game (maybe about a month and a half at most), so I don't count myself as a normal returning player. But I was hoping someone here on GB still plays and could help me out by recommending a server that has a decent population and maybe some Linkshells that are taking in new players.  Can anyone help me out?
My previous character was a Hume War lvl 20/ Wht lvl 3, Fenrir Server.

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They kind of annoy me as well. I see those all the time on minivans and SUVs.

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@FlyingRat:  I'm sure he's sitting there looking like this right about now:
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360, because I play it more. Although I don't prefer one over the other.

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Resonance of Fate (360) and Borderlands (360).

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