Welcome, DrBeardface! Why thank you!

So, here I am on another gaming website.  With my past experiences, most would wonder why I bothered going through the trouble to sign up to Giant Bomb, let alone write a blog once there.  I'm constantly on the lookout for sites with a good class of people, both users and content producers, and I like what I've seen here.  So far people have been fairly helpful and positive.  Looking at posts doesn't fill me with dread and worry for the future of humanity (I'm looking at you, IGN members!), and that's one of the biggest compliments I could ever give to a website.  I was directed here by forum buddies at ViewAskew (another great group of people), so the thanks should really go to them.  As for what I plan on contributing, I'm not really sure.  This is my first blog ever and I don't want to overpost or post uninteresting topics.  I'd like to try posting about video games that really make an impact with me, foremost among those being the Metal Gear Solid series and Bioshock.  So, should I forego this blog and never speak out again, thanks for being here, Giant Bomb.  I absolutely love the Endurance Runs.