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Dance Central 2: Now with more dance 0

This game was superb! I felt like a dancing pro with this game. I know I sometimes looked stupid, but with all my friends dancing it was a blast.It was perfect to play with a group of people. There were song choices for everyone. It progressed with your level of skills, and if you had problems with certain moves you could slow them down in a practice mode.This game was one I will keep going back to for a long time....

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Replayable childhood game 0

This game was something I grew up on. I spent a year dedicated to playing this inside and out. I knew all the secrets and best ways to play. For me, it was what got me in to RPG games. The story held up and graphics for the time were amazing. The graphics still hold up, if you can handle not life like. I can play games like Dragon Age, and Oblivion and I'll remember this game. It will always be something I plan to come back to over and over again....

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Back to the Future sends me back to my childhood 0

     Back to the Future: Episode 1 is far from perfect, but the sense of nostalgia it brings is enough to warrant purchasing Telltale's latest adventure.       The game starts off with Marty trying to prevent Doc's estate sale, as Doc has been missing for several months now. The little touches that Telltale adds in the game make this game worthwhile for the casual or die hard BttF fan. Things like having to turn the time circuits on before entering a date into the keypad makes the kid in me sque...

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Such An Amazing RPG 0

I played this game for over what seems like 50 or more hours. This is Bioware's finest game in my opinion. It had a great story with an amazing plot twist *wink*. Coupled with great dialogue trees and amazing gameplay, this makes up to be a very fine RPG. The only problem with this game was that the graphics were a little sub-par for the xbox. I don't know about the PC, but they definately could've been better. If anybody out there is lucky enough to find this game, Buy it immediately! 5 out of ...

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Buy this game! 0

I did not like the original pop, it was wiked hard and didn't deliver anything grand to the table. But that is not even relevant in this amazing game. Pop: Sands of Time is a truly amazing platformer that you cannot put down. I had great fun playing this game from start-to-finish. While it is relatively short being that I finished it in 4 hours, it was still worth it.That being said, the other Prince of Persia games are dwarfed by this amazing game. Great graphics, great cutscenes, and a great s...

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I am Incredibly Pleased 0

Super Mario Galaxy is a great game. Oddly enough, water effects always seem to be the best on Nintendo systems. Go figure. This game looks beautiful. The art style and graphics really make up for an amazing product. The unique gameplay doesn't dissapoint either. But, the music really impressed me. Full orchestra and a well-written score really add to the experiecne of playing this game. If you own a Wii, but this! 5 out of 5...

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WOW! 0

This game blew me away! I love this game. It is a great shooter and Infinity Ward did an amazing job. First off, the graphics are amazing and the gameplay mechanics don't fault either. The only problem with this masterpiece is the fact that the single-player campaign is way too short. But this is made up for in the near-perfect online play. Plain and simple but this game. 5 out of 5...

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A Well Made Burnout Game 0

Transitioning to an open world gameplay type Burnout Game was a risky choice but I personally think it was executed very well. The only gripe I have with this game is the fact that if fail a mission, you have to rive all the way back to the starting point to try again. Other than that, this is a great game. Great graphics partnered with the great crashes and modes we expect from the Burnout series wrap up into a well-polished game. 4.5 out of 5...

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A very well done Lego Game 0

Now I could bash this game because its another lego game but I'm not going to. I'm tired of lego games though. They were fun for a while, but now they are all the same. That being said, Lego Indy improved on any bad qualities that the Lego Star Wars had. So here's to a good game, but the same game. 4 out of 5...

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You've done well Snake 0

Ahh MGS$, where to start? How bout this game is awesome. Everything about this game is awesome. And everything that bothered me in past MGS games is now awesome. From the moment you put the disc in, there is non-stop action. Traveling country to country and watching the story unfold with beautiful in-game cutscenes. Sometimes the story can be a little over the top but it really doesn't matter at this point. Personally the biggest improvement for this game was the controls. The controls are reall...

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A Truly Amazing Shooter 0

This game revolutionized shooters for the 21st century. This game also showed that games based on movies CAN be amazing. Everything about this game was great in its time. From graphics to gameplay, Goldeneye 007 had it all. If at all you can still find this game anywhere, buy it without hesitance....

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Great port of an Amazing Game! 0

That being said, having no rumble on the Classic Controller will throw you off a bit if you're used to the original. But still, everything that was great about the original title lives on in the Wii Shop version. The amazing story, graphics, replay value, and sheer enjoyment of your first run-thru of the epic game. $10 is definately worth it to replay or play for the first time Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time....

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Definately Pleased 0

So I did not expect the 3-D transition for Metroid to go well. Man was I wrong. This game was amazing. It had a combination of many great qualities. Thta being said, if you're a huge shooter fan who likes fast-paced games you will be dissapointed. This game has a bit too much scanning and collecting data for me. Other than that this is definately a great game you should consider buying....

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