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So, I took a little trip back to the old days of broadcast television, and ... things were different somehow...

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Holy shit this is fucking gold.

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That's awesome!

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Oh my gosh, this is incredible.

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That was amazing. Truly amazing.

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Haha, awesome work.

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It's... beautiful.

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Spot on. Spot. Fucking. On!

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This is fucking dumb. THIS IS FUCKING DUMB!

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Hey, ! You got your first page whatevers ready?

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It was a huge shame they lost Coach after the third season. There was no-one left to review sports games, for one thing.

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Oh man, you are the best. My fave is Patrick.

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Love the random ambulance shot. So perfect.

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Happiness is bursting out of me.

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@DrWhat: The shot of BART really brought it all together.

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It's everything I ever hoped for.

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@Mento: He'll live on in our hearts. RIP Coach.

Thanks for all the praise guys. Sometimes these things just show up in my head and I can't get them out unless I actually make it. Once I put together the title shot with Jeff being a magician, I knew there was no turning back.

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Minor change if you can. It should end with "And Drew Scanlon" or even "And introducing Drew Scanlon"

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@DrWhat: Great job, man. They should show this as the intro to TNT or I Love Mondays next week. Or both.

Though, any reason you didn't include Luchadeer? I feel like every 80s sitcom needed an iconic character like him.

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@allworkandlowpay said:

Minor change if you can. It should end with "And Drew Scanlon" or even "And introducing Drew Scanlon"

Agreed, I was thinking it would be 'Guest starring' or something like that. But otherwise amazing, although I think more crew antics could have been in it.

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You magnificent son of a bitch!

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Lol awesome.

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Simply delightful!

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You won the internet today. Enjoy it, savor it, caress it, and cherish it,

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Well, that was incredible. Great shots of the crew.

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Christ, that was the best.

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Hardcore Dave needed to make an appearance.

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So great!

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@DrWhat said:

So, I time travelled back to the old days of broadcast television, and ... things were different somehow...

Bravo. Bravo.

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This made me so happy. Good job!

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I'm actually kinda bummed this isn't an actual sitcom I can watch.

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the only note i have is, Wheres Dave?

Other than that, this is brilliant.

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God damnit, that was great!!! Wonderful stuff man!!

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@TruthTellah lol, thanks!

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Internet hug

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@DrWhat: You earned it, champ!

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@DrWhat Perfect. Also, the best intro song ever.
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This needs to be brought to the attention of the staff asap. Now, to watch it again.

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It's too bad that Night Court was an NBC show. If it were owned by CBS then GB could use this in some official capacity if they so chose.

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Holy god, that was so cool. Major kudos to you sir!

I don't know why, but I like the Brad intro the best. It was just... perfect.

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That was amazing. Great work!

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This is the greatest thing in the history of things.

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Holy shit, that was amazing.

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It gets better every time I watch it.

Now do this with Cheers. =)

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That was so perfect.

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Fucking favorited as fast as I possibly could. Pure excellence.