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lol, Kleptok cannot escape the Spelunky!

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@sterling said:

Warning! Not what you're lookin' for!

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Nice pile of meaningless PR speak in that blog post.

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Well, I have a neice who's wanted a 3DS for a while now but her folks feel the price for one is a bit high. Maybe this $129 version will make one show up under the tree for her this holiday? That's my anecdotal evidence of this thing's reason for existing anywho. Wii U's base model should've been $300 several months ago.

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Shocking and extremely saddening news. RIP Ryan.

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The only question I have now is, if EA has ditched this method of circumventing used game sales, does that mean it has a better--or, perhaps, more aggressive--method on the horizon? Maybe something to do with new consoles and built-in checks for new/used games? Just stating the obvious, of course.


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@exzippo said:

All the Nintendo wank always seemed weird as a non-american/non-japanese.

Here the 80s and 90s were filled with C64s, Amigas and Sega consoles.

I'm from the states and the C64 was wonderful. I regularly shout about the need for a Racing Destruction Set revival whenever EA is brought up! More Mail Order Monsters would also be welcome.

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Yeah the statue is fucking dumb.

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Too Human is $6 new and $3 used at Gamestop. $3 is still $3 too much for that game though.

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...which means it'll actually be out sometime next summer.