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I have only watched the video, I think it looks hard to get around even more so now. And i had a few laughs when Jeff said it defaulted to the ad section as well. The mii I mean avatar is well just that a rip off. Is this going to be used in anything or just for the dashboard ? The only thing I am interested in after seeing the video is the option to play the games from the hard drive. I only have the 20gb so I can only have 1 or two i bet installed at a time. I don't think it would delete the save file if you delete the game off of it ? I wonder how long it takes to download the game to the HD.

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    Whoever reads this wow go you ! Well i found this site awhile back like how it's turning out. I followed the exploits of alot of the guys on the site from when they used to work at this other gaming site, I think you know the one. So cheers guys, you have some entertaining stuff and about the only people on the net that to me sounds like real guys/gals that play games. I play all kinds of games, and have since I was a kid and will not stop anytime soon.

Here is what i do and am all about. I am currently looking for video / film work, Here are my creds. If you want to know more please email me at natenickels@yahoo.com.

STILL GALLERY - http://imaphotoguy.deviantart.com/gallery/
DEMO REEL - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGKeW2H8Suw


To obtain the position of Production Assistant on a feature length film.


Pink Sneakers Productions – Apopka, FL - 2008 Production Assistant - CMT Reality Show - "My Big Redneck Wedding"

Creative Logic – Orlando, FL - 2007

Production Assistant / Photographer – Commercial - “Cooking With Chef Amy”

Oak Studios – Miami, FL - 2007

Gaffer – " The Statue" – HD -

Independent Film Makers Foundation Altamonte Springs, FL - 2007

Production Assistant - "Red Rose" - HD

Director of Photography - “ The Kiss ” - 2007 - HD

Electronic Arts Recruiting Video – Maitland, FL – 2007

Assistant Producer

Slater Productions – Orlando, FL – 2007

Videographer – 2007 Orlando Surfing Expo Show

Red Fish Entertainment – Tampa, FL – 2007

Videographer – Travel Show - “Camping People”

Tolley Productions – Orlando, FL - 2007

Director of Photography - " Heart "

Cross Video Productions – Orlando,FL - 2007

Assistant Camera Operator - News Programs

Electronic Arts Tiburon, Orlando, FL – 2006 - 2007

Media Lab Technician

Assisted editors, DVD authoring, cloning of tapes, dubs, transfers, Telestreaming tapes to broadcast stations. Credits include Madden 2007, Nascar 2007, NCAA Football 2007.

- Video Machines Used - DVC PRO HD, DigiBeta, SP, DV, Beta.

- DVD Authoring - DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro, Sorenson Squeeze, TMPEG.

Troy Public Broadcasting Television 5 - Troy, OH - 2003 - 2005

Production Assistant , Videographer

Videographer & Editor - television commercials, corporate videos, sports, over 200 shows.

- Camera Experience - Hitachi 4000's ENG and Panasonic DVC Pro 50's.

- Editing Experience – Avid Editing Systems and Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

- Graphic Design Experience – Motion, LiveType, Pinnacle Deko CG, Aladdin Systems.


Full Sail Real World Education - Winter Park, FL - 2006 - 2008

Film & Video Production – Associate Degree

- “Into The Valley” - 16mm – Director of Photography

- “Any Other Name ” - 35mm – Director of Photography

- 8 Full Sail live events - Camera Operator.

ITT Technical Institute - Dayton, OH – 2003 - 2005

Information Technology – Multimedia & Graphic Design

- 3D Animation & Modeling - Creation of complex 3d computer generated models.

- 3D Graphics Programs - 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, After Effects, Character Studio.

Here are some of the recent things I have been working on along with my resume.

I worked on a CMT reality show “My Big Redneck Wedding” during that past few weeks as a production assistant. I recently worked a contract position at Electronic Arts Tiburon in Orlando, Florida in the video department as a media lab technician. In my job as media lab technician, I maintained the video machine room as well as doing DVD authoring and assisting the editors. My job consisted of many tasks using professional digitizing decks for duplication,transfer and backup.

I most recently attended Full Sail in Winter Park, Florida. I was in the film program and was the Director of Photography for 4 films at the school including 35mm and 16mm. During my time in Florida I worked freelance at a production company doing various commercials and music videos as a gaffer. I love working on films and working with a team to create professional movies and videos. I am always learning and always excited for the next challenge that awaits me.

I have over 200 credits from a local public broadcasting station, Troy Public Broadcasting Television 5 in Troy, Ohio. I also attended ITT Technical Institute where I studied multimedia. I own a Panasonic HVX-200 HD camera and a Canon 20D, I have been doing video production for 5 years and digital photography for 6 years. I have a lot of experience using many ENG cameras and lighting equipment.

Please email me at natenickels@yahoo.com.