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Let's say I want to purchase and download this corny incarnation of Scooby-Doo.



However, I want to watch it wherever and whenever I want, whether playing it back on Windows Media Player or VLC, via USB on my Blu-ray player, my iOS devices, etc. Apparently, both iTunes and Amazon have DRM in place that makes it a bit difficult to do so. Which video service is the best/easiest to get around DRM with and how do I get around the DRM exactly?

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I like to determine a game purchase based on gameplay videos, video reviews, and user input/reviews, which is much more streamlined and less time consuming in my opinion and why GameSpot (before the redesign) was my main destination for critically determining game purchases, whereas I visit Giant Bomb mostly for the humor and creativity. I don't know if Giant Bomb wants to aim for an audience like that of the other gaming sites out there who are mainly looking for reviews to determine their purchasing decisions in the form of Quick Looks, but I guess they seem pretty content with what they're doing now.

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Could you ask them how has video game coverage evolved from the days of VideoGamespot.com in the 90s to GameSpot.com in the 2000s to GiantBomb.com in the 2010s? Some key points could be about their live shows (On the Spot, TNT, Unprofessional Fridays, etc.) and their creative takes on video content.

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@mosespippy: I don't know. This had a fair amount of production going into it and it's one of the best videos on the site in my opinion. It's too bad that they don't really do stuff like this anymore.

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Based on experience, there might be a problem with the T.V. Once, I had a T.V. that had great HDMI quality when hooked up to a laptop. Eventually, that T.V. was replaced by a similar model at a lower price point, but it had horrible picture quality compared to the previous one I owned. So, that T.V. had to be returned and now I'm back with the previous model.

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It doesn't do everything. PS4, now $399.

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I have personally found solace in iOS since it looks so simple and easy to use compared to Android or Windows Phone and I just find the design of the iPhone more appealing than other phones out there. It's obvious why some people go for Android because of the ability to customize and what not, but that can be accomplished with a jailbreak for iOS. It's all about what you prefer though.

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Dude, free games.

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I can't believe how much their users are shitting on their new site. Like fuck. You'd think it was just a bunch of 8 year olds whining and saying they're going to go live with another family(IGN). I don't like to talk down about other sites in favour of GB but wow do I love the GB community especially compared to other websites that unfortunately have vocal users like those ones who can never see any good in anything.

Anyways, the big issue I had with the old site and maybe it'll be this new one too is how much content they have, most of it isn't unique or important(news stories for everything possible, screen shots, random short gameplay videos) so it buries a lot of stuff that is, and that's a shame.

Also Danny's part in the New Gamespot video was amazing, he's the next generation of old Gamespot/Giant Bomb crew video game content producer.

You don't understand. There were a lot of small features from the old site that one could easily overlook such as page links in the thread title or the number of unread posts in a thread, which aren't present in the new design. In addition, there are still some bugs such as not being able to change avatars. Worst of all, the On the Spot archive seems to be missing and some of the videos for older games as well. One of my main gripes with the new site is the addition of unnecessary scrolling due to those huge headers that can be found in so many web site designs today.