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My friend gave me a bunch of PlayStation 2 games when he got an Xbox 360 and one of them was Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, along with the first two games in the series. Up Your Arsenal was scratched really badly though, so I could never get past the second level. One day, I went to Microcenter and saw the game used for $6. I never opened it until a year after I bought it and it turned out that my PlayStation 2 wouldn't even detect the disc, probably because it was scratched as well. I had spent $6 on a better case with the manual included in contrast to my first copy. I even had the chance to return it within a week. Wow me. At least I have the HD Collection for the PlayStation 3, even if some of the graphic effects are missing and Ratchet's helmet is 2x larger.

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Like many of us, I got dragged over from GameSpot because of Jeff leaving and starting Giant Bomb, but it wasn't until two years after they started that I made an account. Gotta love that Nintendo DSi XL video.

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Sure they may not be "traditional" in the sense of what a news site is supposed to be, but that's what makes Giant Bomb so great and unique.

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Considering that Electronic Arts has the licenses to several of the major sports organizations like FIFA and the NFL, one would assume that their NBA games would be on par with their other sports games. I was wondering if this was the case with the NBA Live franchise before NBA Elite 11. I know that the NBA 2K franchise is the most popular right now, but was that the case before NBA Elite 11?

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Hello. I really admire Giant Bomb's video and production quality, so I was wondering about what cameras they use to record their content. I'm specifically referring to their handheld video cameras, which I think were used for some of their recent Game of the Year content in the past two years. It would be great if someone could tell me what model they are. Thanks!

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Let's say I want to purchase and download this corny incarnation of Scooby-Doo.



However, I want to watch it wherever and whenever I want, whether playing it back on Windows Media Player or VLC, via USB on my Blu-ray player, my iOS devices, etc. Apparently, both iTunes and Amazon have DRM in place that makes it a bit difficult to do so. Which video service is the best/easiest to get around DRM with and how do I get around the DRM exactly?

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I like to determine a game purchase based on gameplay videos, video reviews, and user input/reviews, which is much more streamlined and less time consuming in my opinion and why GameSpot (before the redesign) was my main destination for critically determining game purchases, whereas I visit Giant Bomb mostly for the humor and creativity. I don't know if Giant Bomb wants to aim for an audience like that of the other gaming sites out there who are mainly looking for reviews to determine their purchasing decisions in the form of Quick Looks, but I guess they seem pretty content with what they're doing now.

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Could you ask them how has video game coverage evolved from the days of VideoGamespot.com in the 90s to GameSpot.com in the 2000s to GiantBomb.com in the 2010s? Some key points could be about their live shows (On the Spot, TNT, Unprofessional Fridays, etc.) and their creative takes on video content.

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@mosespippy: I don't know. This had a fair amount of production going into it and it's one of the best videos on the site in my opinion. It's too bad that they don't really do stuff like this anymore.

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