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its better then the mp5

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carzy said:
"yorro said:
"First thing, don't use your area's seasonal temperature to measure if there is really a global warming. Because some areas are not yet effected.
Second, not all things in media are false.

If global warming isn't real then why is it hot as hell up in here?, we actually did some measurements and it is actually hotter than the last ten years.

I guess for NOreason, irrelevant, and just pure coincidence that;
  • Most tropical areas are hotter than ever.
  • Heavier downpour of rains.
  • Melting of glaciers.
When did those things mentioned happened the last time?

Actually from where I live. We already had our fifth tropical storm this season(yes it's raining right now). When I was just a child(ten years ago), the frequency of storms was just 1 or 2 after September, now we have hit our 5th storm just in the late July. And I guess it's just coincidence too.

Global Warming or Not, it's better to clean up the air and sea for some stupid reason. Cause either way we won't loose anything.

" A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it "

lolz you don't get it, your comparing ten years to the billions of years this planet has been here. I'm sure in the billions of billions of years the planet has been here there's been at least a couple incidents of irregular weather patterns.

The earth has been both warmer and colder then it is right now. That doesnt matter though, if humans are causing the increase in global temperature, the result will be catastrophic if the world does nothing about it.
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carzy said:
"GuttlessCashew said:
"I'm not a girl but even i'm offended by the clothes their putting the female characters in. Have fighting games sunk so low that all the females in the game are just eye candie for teenage boys to look at. i mean, all the males get cool clothes and armor ,and i watched a traliar where one of the girls had a tatered japanese school girls outfit on, come on! the guys at least look like they fight but the girls get dress in the most revlealing unarmored fetish crap. it's frankly discusting."
i think its hot
Your sister dresses like she belongs in this game.
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carzy and the mods that be hating on me.

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Azteris said:
"Batman said:
"Azteris said:
"Have you read any of the studies that say we are speeding it up? How do you discredit them?"
Yeah I've read them, but I've also heard the other sides of the story and it just seems more plausible.  I'm wrong about this kind of stuff 85% of the time, so what does that tell you?  Like I said its better safe then sorry, so I am happy that we are doing something about it for a worse case scenario.

We are doing very little, duffman just said we should do something."
Because if i say we should do something - like fuck the money going to iraq send that cash to research alternate fuels/electricity and me - I am like Jesus, if you dont listen to me you will go down in history as being a fuckup.
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Dane cook bites jokes, and when someone steals some of his jokes he cries like someone ripped his pussy.

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No one knows for certain that global warming is true. Both sides are very possible and reasonable. Lets just say its 50/50 if global warming is true or not.

Global warming is true and we do nothing - we're fucked
Global warming is true and we do something - we're good and dont have all the smoggy bullshit nasty cities

Global warming is false and we do nothing - its all good
Global Warming is false and we do something - clean up the smoggy cities, waste some cash

Who here is willing to take a gamble over potentially wasting some money (would still have cleaner cities) or potentially fucking the planet over?

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the card that performs the best.

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foobar 2k