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Does this game have it?

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you have to install EVERY game? That seriously sucks, I play alot of sport game with my friends, i'm not going to have to all installed just to play them 2-3 times a month.

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AC3 was the only I didn't beat, heck I didn't even want to play it. Nothing about it seemed fun to me. But this game is amazing, I just want to sale the seas!

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Unless your putting the system somewhere nothing can tip it over, horizontal is the way to go.

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As a fan of rap... in my opinion the genre is just dumb now. It's just a lame circle-jerk now. Hip-hop been dead.Gangsta Rap was always a fad.

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Worked fine for me, got to race, drug mission, saved my car, etc. Just got off cause It's still the afternoon.

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Finished it last night.

I picked C also, how was your mental evaluation at the end. Mine was a real wake up call and personal. I play with my own morals so he was on point.

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They killed me the first time, second time they gave me $1000.

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I hope they go for a non-realistic city so they have free creative expression.

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Just beat it last night...


  • Car Handling is alot better
  • Shooting is also better(on foot)
  • Random events being random(you can get different results)
  • Ability to switch through characters
  • Lamar & Trevor
  • Choices


  • Shooting in car is horrible
  • Garage management is horrible, Losing cars that I left in the garage, Losing the mods I've done to the main cars
  • Not enough heist missions or missions that give you money
  • Radio is the worst in the series
  • Random trees and poles that are the immovable objects.
  • Car mods are more bad than good
  • Nothing on to do north of Los Santos

Looking forward to talking about the end and after credits.