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@verysexypotato: wow thats a great tatt!!

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Dear Mr. Potato,

Please doodle the following:

Myself (interpret my username as a description of my character however you wish) and Gaben tag-teaming (sexually) a sexy alien chick, maybe Tali'Zorah (suit on) or Haruhara Haruko from FLCL. This whole thing is on top of a huge, totally badass lyger, which is roaring triumphantly. I am holding and firing into the air an AK-47 with one arm, and high-fiving the girl with the other. Gaben is high-fiving no-one.

In the background, a volcano is erupting, and maybe some little angels are trumpeting. There's a big star aligned with the volcano in the center, sorta like when Jesus was born. Unlike when Jesus was born, however, there is a triple rainbow. That's all!

P.S. in cursive letters over the top if it could say "happy birthday rick" that'd be fuckin sick he'll love that