Just one of those games

I am not what I would call a great CoD4 player but I play it quite often. I'm happy that most of the time I kill more than I'm killed. Anyway I recently maxed out at level 55 again allowing me the opportunity to go to prestige level 2. I was between games and thought "oh sure let's do that again." So a new domination game fired up and since at level 1 you have to pick one of the premade classes I chose the package with the SAW.

Then I had one of those games where it seemed everyone was just begging to jump into my line of fire. Run down a street and a group of guys pile out in front of me and I'd mow them all down. UAVs, Airstrikes, Helecopters, all kept comming my way. I went 39 (kills) 4 (assists) and 7 (deaths). I captured a pile if flags (thanks to Thee Bob Sagat for picking off some dudes trailing me once) and I leveled up from level one to FOUR (with just 97 points to go to level 5) all before the host ended the game early giving me 383 points total.

I'm a big single player game fan but no game against bots can provide the excitement that a good game like that can provide.


Battlefield: Bad Company Review

I tossed up my own Battlefield: Bad Company review (not sure if there is a way to direct link to individual user reviews).    It is one of those reviews where I disagree with the site review a fair amount, but at the same time I agree the game is still a good game.  I couldn't decide between 3 and 4 stars...  I chose 4.  I might change it to 3 later.  One thing that does worry me a bit is that Giant Bomb's reviews in general seem a lot less critical than ...  I like.  I know they focus on their opinion and all but the games they recommend seem to have little to no notes about problems.  There aren't that many games where flaws here or there aren't worth noting.


Giant Bomb Day 1 Impressions

Impressions of Giant Bomb one day into beta:

  • Yay:  There is a distinct Adobe Lightroom feel to the site with all the black and grays.  I like it.
  • Yay:  Logging in and adding content is very light weight.  There is no need to be redirected and refresh a page every time you do something.
  • Yay:  I had to pick a new avatar as ironically (compared to most sites) GB actually allows / requires big avatars.  No more bumble, but I like my little dude.
  • Yay:  I like the unified forums view on the main forums page.
  • Nay: For an unmoderated forum I'm surprised that one of the few things that irks me is the volume of "I came from site X and it sucks!" banter.  As opposed to Giant Bomb discussion / participation.  I kind of wish this was just Giant Bomb.  Not everything has to be an antidote to anything like it IMO.  I don't know if that makes sense but there you go.
  • Yay: My image submissions are processed quickly.
  • Nay: My image submissions earn pretty much an inconsequential number of points.
  • Nay:  My character / game submissions submitted long before my image submissions are not processed quickly, in fact they haven't been processed at all.  It is a beta so I'm cool with it but when you compare images and entire missing games and major characters I'd say the games and major characters are the more important items yet they lag behind.  (beta thing I'm sure).  Also of all things I'd like to contribute to they are those missing characters / games that I found missing...
  • Yay:  There are no signatures on the forums.  I wouldn't be surprised if this changes.   Even so I like it for now.  For me signatures are just a place where people provide you info that if you wanted to know you would have asked, but you didn't...
  • Nay:  Aside from the intro video there's not a lot of tutorial or feedback or info on how things work with submissions and etc.  I'm sure there is more to come but I don't want to put too much work into digging up missing games / characters unless I knew they're going to go thru those submissions (or at least deny and clear them out of my pending list) and such.  Being a beta you never know if any of that data really will be saved long term.
  • Nay: My personal RSS feed is way up on the top of my personal page above my blog.
  • Yay / Nay: My RSS feed went blank not long after I turned some things off in preferences and then went and turned them all back on again.  It now seems to be broken.
  • Yay: The site is up.