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I doubt I'm the only person to notice this, but I'm almost mid way through my first game and it seems production is everything. In Civ 5 and Civ Rev I would hammer out population as fast as I could. You cant spam population growth and wonders any more but there is no reason not to have as much production as possible. You're always going to want districts and builders. If it's true it will inform how I play from now on.

Your # of districts is tied to your max pop I believe.

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@carolinafan3515: I do agree that it would've benefited in some way from it, but I feel like the story wouldn't have been as strong.

Why not? The story bits would remain the same, but instead of generic missions where a guy is just surrounded by dudes in a random alley you get more exciting stories centered around taking people out. Then the cutscenes are the same.

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@bojackhorseman: Mordor is recent enough that I wouldn't write off any game not doing it yet; It's been 2 years and assuming that any devs were inspired by the system there's still a chance that a triple A game will have it or something like it.

Plus the game was enough of a success that I would be surprised if Shadow of Mordor 2 wasn't greenlit and in production.

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@jdizzlefoshizzle: Infinitely respawning goons would probably take me out of it too. I was eluding more to the thugs you let live and work for you. They have no real allegiance to you other than you didn't slit their throat that one time. Also, I guess if the kills in this game weren't so damn gruesome and definitive, you could slap together some conceit that they were just roughed up and got away to fight another day. I don't remember any orcs in Mordor coming back after a good decapitation, but anything short of that, I believe, was fair game.

I assumed OP didn't mean to just lift every aspect of the Nemesis system but to take the parts that make sense. Obviously the same goons wouldn't take over but in a game about taking down a mob structure a Nemesis-like system where you take down a chain of command and they react to you based on what you've done to others makes a ton of sense, and imo the gameplay loop would have been much better. By the last couple of districts I was doing the bare minimum because I wanted to see how the story ended but was done with doing the same objectives over and over.

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Left town. Felt like the story built him up as just wanting to take down Marcano and not really caring about the business shit.

Cassandra ended up taking over and damn, her ending is dark.

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I got the premium versions fine on pocketcasts.

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@thecitizenkaneofthings said:

@mister_v said:

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I don't really understand the reason for making the choice between Lethal, and Non-lethal takedowns a toggle in the menu?

You can't decide it on the fly, this feels really weird to me.

Maybe it's if people think the lethal ones are to brutal? The one you get if you have a rifle equipped where you push the guy to the floor put the gun in his face and pull the trigger is pretty gnarly.

Yeah, I'd say it's probably this. There are some where Lincoln will just stab a guy in the face repeatedly and I can imagine some people would like to play the game but not see super intense stuff like that.

It still makes no sense as an option in the menu imo. There are several points in the story at which I was like "ok I'd rather go non-lethal here than lethal" and having to button through a menu to do it rather than not holding down the B button or something makes no sense to me. If there's worry about the lethal takedowns being too graphic you could just institute a COD-like "nothing too violent" option, but having that option being nonlethal vs lethal is real weird IMO.

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@ghost_cat said:

As someone who has a somewhat old PC now, I am hesitant to try this game out. Anyone that doesn't have a beast PC and is playing Mafia 3 may be kind enough to chime in on their experience?

Depends on your definition of "beast". I have a Sandy Bridge i5 2400 and a 760TI and I could run on medium/high fine. Don't notice frame rate that much and ofc it's locked at 30, but only hitched like twice, really briefly, when driving quickly. Otherwise was fine. There's definitely a blur effect going on but I don't think the game looks bad, it looks pretty nice to me actually. Though as I said I really don't care about framerate as long as it's above like 20 and isn't hitchy lol

The story/writing is really the highlight of the game so far. Love the documentary setup, and everything from the characters to the dialogue to the bios written about the characters are really well done. Performances have all been great so far as well. I also really like the collectibles, yeah you get your boobs from the playboys and pinups but there are also articles written in the magazines- I got a couple playboy articles as well as a Hot Rod magazine- that I assume are from the actual issues of the magazines. It's really cool to have collectibles with something to them in a game, instead of just getting pickups that do nothing or just unlock a picture or something.

The gameplay is really fun. You can choose to go stealthy in pretty much all scenarios if you want, which is generally how I play if I get the option. Have low aim assist on and the shooting feels good for an open world game. Better than GTAV as a comparison. Might bump the difficulty up from medium to hard because it's actually been really easy for me so far as a stealthy guy, the whistle is way too good lol. Though maybe it's more cause they didn't really tune the game for full stealth. My biggest concern so far is that the missions don't seem that fun- the prologue is really tight and awesome, but I'm in the middle of taking down the 2nd operation of the first gang and it's mostly generic so far- roll up to one place, stealth takedown/kill everyone and take all the money/bust up the racket, then kill the pimps/pushers, then get to the final guy and kill him/bring him over to your side. There's no really unique mission objectives or designs, you just roll up to a building and kill everyone. Still early so that might change, and I hope it does. It might be a thing where you get tailored missions after you take down the rackets, or it might seem less monotonous if you have multiple gangs/territories to go after at once.

One other thing that's not a huge issue but has been bugging me is that for some reason, you have to pick between lethal and non-lethal takedowns in the options menu. Don't know why it wasn't on the d-pad or a tap vs hold thing, early on there were certain scenarios where I wanted to kill some people but not others and having to pull up the menu, slide to options, go to game, switch from non lethal to lethal or vice versa, and then back out is really cumbersome.

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stuff like this always makes me wonder how many games have easter eggs that won't be discovered because they don't have the hardcore following of a game like Wind Waker.

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@pezen: I actually felt like it was easier to get around this map than the previous couple. Yeah you start off hostile but once you get a disguise there are few people who can see through it, it's just a matter of getting all the different disguises that get you into each area. I actually liked it more this way, in Thailand especially I felt like they relied on having a lot of people who could see through disguises and being really restrictive in terms of which disguise could go where to make the map more difficult, in this one I felt like the difficulty primarily came through getting to the targets alone, though I suspect if I tried to do it the Sniper Assassin way it would be really easy.

Played through it once so I'll need a few more goes to really deliver a verdict, but after one playthrough I think it's my second favorite map after Sapienza. I like how open the map is and how the different disguises in this one work- at first playthrough it seems like there isn't one "master disguise" that gets you everywhere, even the elite guys have places they can't go. I also liked watching all the different targets move around the map and interact with each other/different parts of the map. Obviously that's present in all the maps but with 4 targets there's a lot more cool interaction going on. I also like how you start the map in a hostile area situation, really switching it up from the past where there are always some places you could go without a disguise. Can't wait to try to figure out how I'm gonna do silent assassin suit only, especially with the last objective being what it is.

A couple things I didn't like, though, is the setting itself. The map is cool gameplay-wise but I felt that of all the maps so far this one felt the most bland in terms of setting. Nothing here really evokes America, the way Sapienza evoked Italy or the Morocco one really felt like Morocco. Even if Paris wasn't particularly Paris-like, it still felt like a unique setting. This one was just a generic military compound in the middle of nowhere. Definitely felt like they could have done something cooler for the America map. The last thing I really disliked were the opportunities. I didn't do all of them but I felt like the ones I did were a lot less wacky and whimsical Hitman-style kills, and more just efficient ways to kill people, which isn't what I want out of the opportunities.