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mustard is good, and DJ Mustard production is really good too!


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EVO is really the only fighting game tournament I watch so I'm kinda hyped

#SOPO I'm ready

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@random45: In my experience people only forfeit when the game is completely lopsided, like they're up by 10k+ gold, or there are afk members on the team and it would be impossible to win. Occasionally people will forfeit before they really should but in my experience it seems to happen more often when other members of your team are trolling or whining incessantly about your performance and while it would be possible to win, it would be pretty unlikely and sitting in the game for another 10-20 minutes having to deal with an asshole just isn't worth it. It's nice to have when there's absolutely no coming back from games though.

@extomar: Heard much the same things about transfers (i've never really tried; all my friends play LoL and no one I know plays Dota. Just who you know I guess). Also I think abilities are much more spammable in League?

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@extomar said:

What do you mean "designed around its systems first and foremost while still remaining penetrable"? I've tried watching recent LoL matches off of Twitch and it nonsense to me akin to an unknown fighting game (stuff is flashing, bars are moving, etc.). I've got hundreds of hours in Dota 2 and original DOTA but I can't see through the game without way more time investment.

I don't think either game is very approachable suggesting that one is easier to pick up than the other is laughable.

idk I picked up League without any MOBA experience and was able to get into it fairly quickly (after a couple matches).

As for OP's question I think a fair number of the gaming industry dudes got into Dota 2 because it was coming out/was big news and they wanted to try a moba, then all the dudes already playing Dota/started playing Dota 2 wrapped other industry dudes they know into playing it.

@pezen said:

You know, I'll just download and check out League. Easier to have an informed opinion if I did as opposed to dismissing it for not being the first moba I got into. Hell, I remember thinking Dota 2 looked really boring at a Dreamhack once. And now I am more into it than I ever was into Starcraft 2.

And I think that's sort of the case for a lot of people, Dota 2 just came out at the right time in the right way. Dota 2 came out when I figured I would give mobas a try and I think it amassed a certain hype and people wanted to be part of that zeitgeist. At the time League was already established and had it's audience and for me personally I am not even sure it had a Mac client at the time.

@gamefreak9 said:

hat being said I don't play either and think they are mediocre games with only a fraction of the skill ceiling that a truly competitive game like StarCraft 2 has.

I don't think that's the case. On a fundamental level the strengths you need as a player on either side of your preference is two completely different types of competitions. One is a one vs one game and the other is a team vs team game.

Agreed. There's just a different focus on skill, where MOBAs are more about teamwork and communication (as a team game obviously) whereas Starcraft is a lot more demanding mechanically. Both require good map awareness/decisionmaking. A lot of SC2 players make fun of Mobas as requiring little mechanical skill/APM but that's not where the skill focus is for the genre (and I would still say being able to hit skillshots etc. is something that not every moba player is good at, so there definitely is a bit of a mechanical skill gap there).

It would be cool to see Brad at least try League though, so whenever it's brought up he doesn't make comments about it being simpler/watered down. It's just different systems.

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@weirdo said:

@development: Alright, so, I'm gonna write this down detailed as much as possible without sounding like an asshole (I apologize in advance if I do) about why that statement is bullshit

Imagine you are sitting in front of your TV in your apartment (If you don't then imagine you do) when an advertisment shows up, it's a new tv that supports wireless internet, 3D without having to use glasses which they promptly shows working, 4K resolution, in-build phone for emergencies which is also voice activated and it is for a reasonable price! You thought it would be really expensive (but worth it) but it is actually cheaper than you thought!

So you buy one the same day and within the week it arrives, you connect it, sit down to read the manual when you discover, there is no wireless! But it supports cabled internet, the 3D feature actually requires glasses despite being advertised otherwise, it doesn't support 4K but rather 1080P, there is no in-build phone (Aw shucks).

Naturally, you're mad because you didn't get the product you were promised, so you call in to complain and demand to get your money back only to be greeted with "I'm sorry, but we never downgraded your product, what you have is what we showed" You tell them that it is bullshit, you tell them you could easily gather evidence and sue them for fraud but again, you are met with "Again, we insist that we never lied to our customers, we appreciate our customers and your happiness is our top priority" Then he/she hangs up, so now you sit there with a product that is only half what they promised. Wouldn't you be mad too when you caught them in a blatant lie?

Only your hypothetical and what happened aren't related at all. I downloaded the mod, it 1. consists of unfinished code abandoned for whatever reason, and given the fact that the game got hella delayed I don't think it's some wild conspiracy, they just didn't have the time to make it look that good and 2. despite what the internet is saying, doesn't make it look "like the E3 version" at all. It looks better yes, but it's mostly lighting shit, not all the particles/smoky effects and shit from the E3 version.

In addition, as the GB guys say all the time, what is shown in demos and what are released often change, the E3 demo was likely what they were targeting and they got a build out that showed that small chunk of the game looking like htat, but they couldn't hit that target. At no point did they say "the final thing will for sure look like this", whereas in your hypothetical an ad is of course supposed to represent the final product. If in their trailers the game looked like the E3 build then you may have an argument. Everyone screaming about conspiracies and shit because Ubi weren't able to make Watch_Dogs looks as good as possible don't have an argument.

Also there is no way that you could threaten Ubi "with fraud" as in your analogy. Look at E3 trailers of previous games and tell me how many of them look exactly like the final product. They're works in progress for a reason.

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I unsubbed from both gaming subreddits and most larger subreddits because the hivemind/circlejerking and overall level of comments wasn't worth it. At some point the community got too large for good discussion to occur, which is why I stick to GB/news sites for gaming coverage/discussion.

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@dystopiax: Nearsightedness was fixed, as was the flickering lights in the new version, 0.7.

I installed .7 and it is definitely still there.

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@humanity said:

@bollard: It's not. I mean I posted those screens up there from Ultra quality and the ground still wasn't all super textures or anything. You just get the dynamic lighting and some small stuff. The dynamic lighting is broken though, as you can see in the video it will flicker on and off.

Unless he needs to tweak his mod a bit more - so far, it's not like "WOW they totally held back!!!" it's more like hey these were some options they were messing around with and in the end left them out. Nothing spectacular, the game looks pretty good on it's own, people who think it's hot garbage are just riding some weird hate-wave.

Definitely agree with your assessment. And the "nearsightedness" problem needs to be addressed.

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@aerobie: I disagree, being able to BXR and Doubleshot in Halo 2, made that game what it is..it's not like only certain people could do it, it was just timing.

The best part of the Halo anniversary collection announcement was the in-engine, exactly as is thing. Cause I thought for years that any Halo 2 remake would have the button glitches taken out.

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nope Snaking in Mario Kart, wavedash in SSB (is that even a bug? not the most up on SSB) BXR in Halo 2, etc. are not cheating. Anyone playing the game can use them so it maintains a level playing field.