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I support the forceful reintroduction (it's about 10 years old I believe) of Beats, but from a user experience standpoint I have to say do both.
The Beats time is built into PHP so you can show the current @ time with just 1 line of code.

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I was wondering where they come from. Obviously developers or publishers make them or have them made, but how do sites like Giant Bomb, GameTrailers, IGN etc get their hands on them?
Some dev's have them on their own site, like Blizzard, but then for example I don't see any sign of the Chun-Li vs Juri trailer on CAPCOM's site and DICE has no HD versions of any video while they have BFBC2 coming up.
Is there a site, network, repository, method or technique that I'm missing?
Reason I'm asking is 1. I'd like to make a collection for offline use and 2. maybe make that into a website.

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Probably Sweden for it's women, bigger fiber network, more snow, decent esports community and even better copyright laws than here in The Netherlands.

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Invite-send-ability is locked since 1-2 weeks ago unfortunately.

Yes, beginners like myself will get owned. Sometimes even before you (re)spawn.
Yes, I would say it's fun - just because it's 95% the same as Quake 3. Seriously, go play Quake 3 if you want to practice before QL opens.

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Please rename the following locations so they match the way others like Inferno, Train and Cobble where named.

Old name: de_dust2
New name: Dust 2

Old name: DE_Dust
New name: Dust


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Totally ahead of it's time!

Aside from the bad engine, bad online implementation and a lot of other bad things: The classes concept, loads of guns, buying stuff, looking through walls and every other conceptual part of the game was incredible in my mind. Discuss.

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I don't think you can fix this at the moment. Let's hope this thread gets noticed.

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Separate full pages would perhaps get messy but a subpage 'mods' under overview / images / video etc would be nice. The Half-Life games would have loads!

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Any Pandaren hero. I try not to play random; easy if you don't do competitions.