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The Signal Part One 0

   The Signal is the first piece of DLC for Alan Wake and is free to those who bought the game new. Picking up immediately after the events of Alan Wake, it is the first of a two parter episode with Part Two coming in September. Wake has succeeded in rescuing his wife from the Dark Presence but there was a price to be paid, Wake is trapped in The Dark Place. The Dark Place is a twisted version of the town of Bright Falls and its surroundings: which was the setting for Alan Wake. To create a new ...

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Good but Repitition is rearing its head again!! 0

 Tales Of Monkey Island Episode 2: The Siege Of Spinner Cay is as the title suggests the second in a series of five Monkey Island games released by the masters of episodic gaming Telltale Games(Sam and Max season one and two).Their sucessful relaunch of Sam and Max led them to relaunch Monkey Island in episodic format. The first game Launch Of The Screaming Narwhal was an excellent opening episode being quick witted,beautiful and effortlessly charming.Following immediately after the cliffhanger ...

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The Secret Of Monkey Island SE: Yes You Can Have Your Cake And Ea 0

Introduction: The Secret Of Monkey Island is pretty much the Monty Python of video games.Revered,memorised and quoted ad  those who were  old enough to enjoy it at the time of it's original release in 1991. I was two in 1991 and to steal a line from Jeremy Clarkson, my main concern was probably biscuits.  For years I have been hearing about this fabled treaure trove of wit and puzzles.However I have never ever seen a Monkey Island game available to buy in a shop..N-E-V-E-R. So I put...

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