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@McGhee: no, but the US is the least functional political system is the developed world, with the possible exception of Belgium.

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Same, dammit! It's been an awesome thing Jeff provided. Hopefully it comes back,

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@dudeglove: I've zero interest in gaming news as its intellectually, and journalistically bankrupt. Promo videos are not mainstream ad buys/coverage.

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Maybe another thing is I don't want new games right now. SR3, Skyim, BF3, both Witchers from steam sale. Perhaps people are not recovered from the craziness of the end of last year.

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Syndicate just got no push it seemed to me. It was in dev, and then it was out.

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"bad ones like Zelda", come on troll. Is this amateur hour? You're not going to provoke anyone with that level of subtlety.

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@fox01313: thost tricksy hobbits with their due process, rigour, and using every extent of the law to prevent state-sanctioned murder.

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No, never.

It is no deterrent to crimes of passion.

Wrongful convictions.

How can you expect the citizenry to respect human life, when the state does not?

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Really love all the people saying they have to see how this ends, and will buy it even if its terrible.Wikis/ Youtube/Other video site, motherfuckers, can you use it?

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35! Probably valid as I spend most conversations desperately trying to think of something to say other than "Yeah", and finding ways to make the person I'm talking to laugh.