Xbox Live Indie Games : Top Picks

Below are some top picks from the Xbox Live Indie Channel in no particular order.

Gerbil Physics
Developer: Beringela, Genre: Puzzle & Trivia 
Light on levels at only 30, but still provides quite a bit of fun at a great price. Use your cursor to drop bombs, pull ropes, or disintegrate the blocks with cute gerbils housed inside. The goal for each level is to get all blocks below the line; but there is also extra challenge by beating a level under certain conditions. 

Green Island
Developer: DK Alpla, Genre: Platformer & Puzzle
Navigate your character to collect the colored bubbles on each level. To help, your character can shoot bubbles of their own that they can walk on. However, only five bubbles are allowed at a time, and once a new bubble is shot, the oldest bubble on the screen disappears.  Later level introduce additional mechanics such as arrows that dictate where a bubble will blow. Each level is rated in time, bubbles used, and if the secret item was obtained.

Kaiten Patissier    TOP PICK!
Developer: DK Alpla, Genre: Platformer & Puzzle
A cute platformer/puzzle hybrid game with the visual style of an 8-bit game. The player is collecting ingredients to make treats in each level by jumping and rotating the level itself in order to reach them. Kaiten Patissier starts off easy enough, but the levels progressively get more challenging and require a bit of forethought. Each level is rated in time, how many rotations were used, and if the bonus ingredient was found, which adds much to the replayability.

Orbyx - Mystic Orbs of Chaos
Developer: ChrisH, Genre: Puzzle 
A game in the same vein as Peggle, where a ball is shot from a cannon in order to hit colored orbs to make them disappear; the goal being to get rid of all the gold orbs in each level. What makes Orbyx unique is cannon placement and the ability to control the bottom bummer on certain levels, which allows for more strategy and control. In addition there are four characters to choose from, each with an ability to aide in the levels. Beware of the black orb though!

Space Milkman
Developer: SmileBoom, Genre: Platformer
An interesting platformer where the main character is evidently in search of cows for milk. Power-ups are collected to help solve puzzle elements within the levels, as well as donuts and cupcakes which are used for the end ranking in each level.

Developer: yuwaka, Genre: Action & Adventure 
While the game itself is quite short at only three levels, those three levels still provide enough to challenge and entertain the player. You play as a little pixie(?) girl who gets separated from her friends and goes out to find them. The levels auto-scroll meaning the player must keep up with the screen avoiding obstacles by jumping, crouching, or floating using her leaf. The game is all in Japanese, but the story is told through images only and the menu is simple to figure out.

Downtown SMASH Dodgeball!
Developer: Miracle Kidz, Genre: Sports & Recreation 
Still at 800 points, Downtown SMASH Dodgeball! is one of the more expensive indie games. However, the game is worth the price if you're looking for a fun dodgeball game straight from the Nintendo era. In fact, Miracle Kidz are the same developers who made the classic game as well. Each character has their own power move that allows for some spectacular (and painful) throws.

Your Doodles Are Bugged
Developer: Spyn Doctor, Genre: Other 
A game similar in style to lemmings, but instead of having different lemmings with abilities you control a stylus which draws lines on the level itself. The lemmings in this case are little bugs, which hop around back and forth, and it is up to the player to draw lines for the bugs to follow in order to reach the honey pot. The lines drawn though are a limited resource and once out you must erase previous lines; so thinking ahead will allow for higher scores.

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