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Hoping the PC version also qualifies for the bonus. Though, any word on what DRM EA will be using for the game?
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Only recently changed mine. Still a Hsien-Ko avatar, just a different picture of her.

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Looking forward to trying out Hsien-Ko as she's my second favorite fighting game character to play as. Shame Capcom didn't bother to model Mei-Ling during Hsien-Ko's dark force move; instead they opted for the cutesy talisman. If a male Darkstalker were to be included I'd want Donovan, though I'd imagine he'd be a bit more difficult due to needing models of his sword elementals as well as Anita following him around in the background.
I now have my team Darkstalkers! Also, having three reps from the Darkstalkers series gives me hope that there is still life for it.

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Does your family use the PS3 for games, or for any other purpose than blu-ray movies? If not then I'd see about getting a new player for them so you have access to the PS3 for games. Unfortunately, I have no advice on players or features to look for.
As far as mutli-platform titles, reading around the general consensus is to pick the version where your friends are for the mulitplayer. Most games I think are pretty comparable now days, with the occasional bad apple on either side (i.e. FFXIII or Bayonetta). Dead Space on PS3 sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and Batman does have a little more content. That said, console exclusive DLC needs to die, or at the very least be made available to every platform after a certain time.  When choosing a platform, I'd also look into how much of a modding community there is.

Alan Wake is a good game and worth playing through, especially if you're a fan of horror type novels. It really did feel like an interactive novel as I played the game; not to mention interesting characters and a beautiful environment. Only jarring experience was the poor jaw animations for talking.

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The European release is said to have the same slow down as the Japanese version, so leaderboards will be on par with each other for scoring balance. The US release supposedly is getting a patch that will re-introduce the slow down as well.

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While my interest is tepid toward either title, between the two I'd have to go for FFXIII-2 as that is the title I'd be able to play. I'm hoping that S-E can live up to the claim that FFXIII-2 "exceeds Final Fantasy XIII in every aspect." While I felt FFXIII was a decent JRPG, it was a poor 'Final Fantasy' title. I'm also hoping that S-E "exceeds FFXIII" in the porting process as well.

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Damn, probably wouldn't put Alma out with my other figures, but I'm a sucker for steelbook editions. I imported F.E.A.R. 2 steelbook from the UK when it came out as well.

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I was thinking more along the lines of one-hit wonders. Maybe a game that was supposed to be a series but it never panned out; or a mascot type character that only made one game?

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Any word on when the DLC is supposed to come out for the Xbox 360? The PS3 DLC was released in early November to coincide with the movie release, with the 360 version to follow later in the month. It's December now and still no word on the DLC, nor is it listed as something for December according to Major Nelson.

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Fable III Limited Edition already pre-ordered. Just a few more days!