Scott vs DLC

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As written by Joystiq:
 Ubisoft announced at its 2010 Digital Day event yesterday that DLC is inbound for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game in November to coincide with the film's release on DVD and Blu-ray. The content will include a new playable character, Knives Chau, along with two new modes, a free-for-all arena battle with weapons (a sort of "lite" version of Super Smash Bros.) and dodgeball. The asking price will be $1.99 on PSN (160 Microsoft Points on XBLM).

At the same time, a patch will be issued to address difficulty balancing (making "average joe" a little more forgiving), squash several bugs and introduce drop-in/drop-out co-op. The latter will be for offline play only; when asked, Ubisoft said there are no plans to incorporate online multiplayer into the game, nor any further DLC for this stellar beat-'em-up.

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As much as I loved the game, I'm more interested that they released a date for the DVD.

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I am looking forward to it. I hope they fix the Chaudown achievement - I've been saving going through it with Kim so that it doesn't mess up later. Also if the Dodgeball is like Super Dodgeball, its going to be pretty rad. For $2 it seems like a decent amount of content. 

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That's pretty cool. $1.99 too. Good deal.
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@The_Joker said:
" As much as I loved the game, I'm more interested that they released a date for the DVD. "
Haha. Same. 
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God i cant wait!

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Yay a patch at last <3

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sounds epic to me

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This comes out tomorrow, guys. Thank god for this patch release. Who else can't wait to play the game without it freezing every level or so? 
I'll probably buy the $2 DLC too, if only to support this awesome game and the Scott Pilgrim "brand".

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Thaaaaank God.  The game locked up on me every single time I tried to play back in August.  It's had a one star review in my mind and I've vowed to not touch it till a patch is released. 
Still, though, it contributes to the worst trend of 2010: releasing broken games.  Not in the way of a few years ago where people would complain about little bugs here and there, but with Scott PIlgrim and Fallout: New Vegas it's like the developers actively want to bar you from enjoying your paid product.  It's inexcusable, no matter how many fixes are down the line.

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When's the movie coming out? 

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I think we should be done with "Scott Pilgrim vs. the _______" puns. It's just so lazy.

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This is sweet. I have an extra 160 points lying around, too.

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Any word on when the DLC is supposed to come out for the Xbox 360? The PS3 DLC was released in early November to coincide with the movie release, with the 360 version to follow later in the month. It's December now and still no word on the DLC, nor is it listed as something for December according to Major Nelson.

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