Words cannot describe the intense flurry of emotions I felt when I returned to my profile page and saw my beloved feed! it's like embracing a loved one after years of separation..... *sniff*
My Feed... welcome back.... welcome home...



A Scary Story by Efrucht

It took me a while to write, let me know if you like it!


I lay on my back, nestled snug in a bundle of warm, soft blankets. It is 1:32 AM, and after a night on the computer, it was time for me to get some rest. Closing my strained eyes brings sweet relief, and I try to clear my mind, knowing that I have a big day ahead of me. I need my sleep.

            Six minutes later, I prop myself up and wipe the sweat from my forehead. I was burning up with all those blankets on. I bunched them up and placed them at the foot of the bed. Sitting on the edge of my mattress, I glanced around my cluttered bedroom. It was too dark for my liking. I opened the shutters above my bed, flooding the room with silky moonlight. The feeling of insecurity lingered, I felt intimidated by the patches of shadow and soft light that crowded all around me. My imagination insisted on creating faces and figures amidst the clutter, and my eyes darted from face to face, confirming that each portrait was not an unwelcome guest but a collection of miscellaneous knick-knacks. Yet each investigation yielded only temporary comfort, the moment I glanced away from the clutter an adjacent spectral image would emerge. Compelled by my weariness I laid myself belly-up onto the mattress, and closed my eyes. In the back of my mind I knew that the clutter was just clutter, despite my burning instinct to think otherwise.

            It felt like I had been laying here for an hour, but the soothing peace of slumber never came. The wheels in my mind began to spin; thoughts of various things began to swim through my head. At this rate, I would never get to sleep.

             I opened my eyes. The shutters above my bed were closed. My first reaction was one of puzzlement, but it quickly turned to fear as I heard the sound of the hallway closet door creaking open. I tried to turn my head, but only my eyes would move. My bedroom door, directly across from my bed, was wide open, and in the frame of the door stood a black, amorphous figure. It moved slowly around my room, making no sound.

            I felt it slowly make its way around the space, but I could not focus on it, my eyes were rooted to the wall across from me. On it, 6 picture frames of several sizes began to stretch and magnify, until the pictures they contained no longer resembled human faces. The faces began to scream, no sound could reach my ear but I felt an indescribable intensity, circumventing the senses, piercing straight into my mind.

The dark figure was now lurking beside me. Never before have I felt dread like this. This gut-wrenching feeling of being preyed upon by a force I could not halt or comprehend, utterly defenseless. I tried to scream, but no sound came out of my mouth. Suddenly, I heard the crash of glass coming from my living room, and the smoky figure sank into the carpet. There I lay. Frozen in place, my blood was concrete, my eyes hardened glass.

            A thick thumping sound poured in from my living room. It was deep and hollow, like empty boots smacking against ceramic tile. With each thump the sound became louder, until the noise was traveling down my hallway. The source of the thumping bypassed my bedroom door, and I heard the closet door slam shut.

            Petrified, I could do nothing. I could say nothing. I could only listen as the closet door flew open, and the empty boots stomped back down my hallway. It was as they reached my living room again that the sound suddenly stopped.

            I rocketed upright, free from whatever spell had been binding me. I launched across my room, teary-eyed and flicked the light switch upwards with incredulous speed. As the room was washed over with bright white light, I nearly sank to the ground, still unable to make any sense of what had happened. I ran to the foot of my cupboard, and grabbed my bat. I turned on the hallway light, and peered down the way, into my dark living room. Nothing. There was nothing there. I felt no presence.

            Still shaken, I turned on the living room lamp and checked around. The front door was locked tight, and everything was exactly where I had remembered it to be, no broken glass to be found. I lowered the bat, and my tension began to ease. I walked back into my bedroom, keeping the hallway light on. In my room, everything was calm. I opened every cupboard, closet door, and wardrobe, checking every space and then checking under my bed. I could find nothing. No trace of the mysterious figure. Above my bed, my shutters were completely open, as if the whole thing had never happened. I sat down on the edge of my mattress, placing the bat next to my folded blankets. The clock at my bedside read 1:41 AM.

            Exasperated and drained, I cupped my face on my hands, and rubbed my tired eyes. I needed to get some sleep.

            6 hours later my alarm clock buzzed merrily, imploring me to get up and start my day. I returned its devotion with moaning and whining, and slowly sulked out of bed. Wiping the crust from my eyes, I walked over to my dresser and got dressed for work.

Staring into the mirror, I adjusted my tie, tucked in my shirt and made my way to the kitchen to put on some coffee. As the coffee brewed I grabbed my wallet and laptop case from the dining room table, checking it once over to be sure I had everything I needed. I returned to the kitchen, drank my morning cup, and in an instant I was on my way.

            The bus to work was very crowded, as usual. Like a sardine, I was packed into seat 13, sandwiched between an expectant mother and a construction worker. The woman smiled at me, but I could tell that life was rough; her grin could not mask her tired features. The construction worker munched away at a beef sandwich, watching him eat made my own stomach beg for sustenance.

            The bus reached my stop in good time, and so I exited the vehicle, stepping out into the sun, my dress shoes slapping against rough cobblestone. The cobblestone courtyard was filled tables and chairs, all leading up to Stanson Textbooks, where I worked as manager for the online catalogue. Even this early in the morning, the yard was filled with people of all types, some reading and relaxing, others picking up a morning cup of coffee or pecking heartily at the café’s specialty: the lightly toasted egg and ham melt. The weather was arguably perfect; the whole atmosphere was one of peace, joy, and productivity. What a beautiful day it was.

The End >: D

My Profile Feed - another sad victim of drug abuse!

My Profile Feed is a drug addict....
I should have stopped him when I found that stash of "bandwidth" he had been hiding under my blog.
I held it up and asked him "What is this...? Where did you get this?!"
He just looked up at me and shrugged.
I had a mind to sock him right in the submit button! How dare he blow me off! I made him the feed he was! He would be nothing without me!
I took his stash of bandwidth (or "speed," as it's called on the streets), and tossed it out.
He just stared at me. I could tell he was deep in thought.
"You have so much to lose," I told him, "don't go screwing up your settings, you have so much to stay online for!"
"You're right...." he replied, " I don't know what happened.... it was just... you know... there has been so much traffic lately and the server has been breathing down my neck, I just needed a release... I'll stay away from the stuff I swear.. I'm going to take back control of my life!"

What a load of BS! I gave him a second chance and now he screwed me over! I came back to my profile today, and my entire history was gone! He had taken all of my posts, and is probably out there somewhere in some dark alley, pawning off my data so he can get his fix.

I contacted the local admin department and put in a claim. Hopefully they can find my Profile feed and bring him back safe.... We all make mistakes and I know that he is just confused, he didn't mean to hurt me.

So Feed..... if you are reading this... come back home, I forgive you!


The Dark Knight: 5/5

*possible spoilers*

I just got back from a late night showing of The Dark Knight.... I don't think I need to tell you, you probably already know, this movie was phenomenal!
Everything about it, from the pacing- to the action- to the acting- was PERFECT. The Joker was so convincing, every time he was onscreen I couldn't look away, it was mesmerizing! As good as Heath was, the overall caliber of acting in this movie was sky-high, allowing everything to fit together extremely well. There was no weak link here, from the beginning to the end, I was nailed to my seat!
I must admit, knowing that the Heath Ledger will not be around to reprise his role as the Joker makes the ending of this movie surprisingly painful....
What I wouldn't give for some bonus footage of the Heath Ledger's Joker, it was the greatest performance of the year!
When he did the "Joker laugh," I was chilled to the bone. He didn't just play the Joker... Heath Ledger was the Joker.
Two-Face was not so bad, either. I find his character to be extremely interesting, and I can't wait to see what he does in the next movie!
My rating for The Dark Knight: 5/5
If you have not already done so, go see this film!


Bringing order to the forums

I just saw some mods on the forums! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!?
This means no more trolling, spamming, or stupid topics.
This will be a new world..... a world where order and justice displace hatred and chaos.
I will say that I found a certain charm in the "wild-west" forums that GB had for these first two days, but I am glad to see things getting under control.
Will OT still have insane, over-the-top discussions that only a wacky place like the internet can foster???....
You bet it will.


GB Addiction, Dark Knight

I have work to do, but I just can't pull myself away from GB. I'll work for an hour or so then log right back on here.... I'm an addict..... I'm so pathetic, like a druggie who needs his fix.... Just as I was getting over Gamespot, GB comes along and wrecks all of my time schedules.... thanks Jeff! If my summer assignments don't get finished I'm blaming you....
Later today I'll be seeing The Dark Knight. I'll see first hand what all this fuss is about, and after all that I've heard about it, my expectations are very high!


Giant Bomb, and what it means to me

So, here I am at Giant Bomb, the new site spawned from the fiery debts of Gamespot's ex-editors and engineers.... and I couldn't be happier!
I remember when I signed up for Gamespot about two years ago.... I was a starry-eyed youth with big dreams and aspirations to be all that I could be....
 A year or so later, Gamespot ground my soul down to a fleshy pulp, and left me an empty shell of a human being. Poor reviews, lackluster editors and dangerously low levels of moxie left Gamespot an overblown and cluttered site that seemed to focus more on advertising than gaming journalism.
So, here I am at Giant Bomb. I am one of the first, and one of the proud.
My friends, we have finally made it...
So Jeff, good luck!... And good riddance to Gamespot!

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