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 This is an unedited version... sorry, To lazy to copy and paste the one with working grammar. NOTE: If you’re a Halo fan, remember, my reviews are purely opinion, and I am stating none of this as fact…. :D It’s no secret that I really dislike the Halo franchise; however that hate is not without reason. No matter how many copies these games sell, or how many millions of users they have, they’ll never have the things that draw me in.  But perhaps Bungie's last foray into the Halo world will make ...

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 NOTE! Was written for a 10 out of 10 system. Story: Red Dead Redemption is a GTA game set in the ol’ west, and follows our lead character Mr.Gruff… I mean John Marston, as he tries to hunt down a member of his old gang for the government, in order to live as a free man. But since this is a Rockstar game, John happens to get all caught up in everybody’s busyness, and eventfully fucks everybody over in order to get 1 man… Sound familiar? It should, it’s the basic outline to GTA IV, granted it has...

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A guy named Artyom 0

   *Note, this was written for a 10/10 score system.  Metro 2033 is a game set in Russia… oh crap; I’m in trouble aren’t I? The Russians are not known for their savvy game making. And that was reflected in the way they hyped up the game. A song from Twilight? Really? SAD SONG CHOICE FOR A TRAILER YOU RUSKY!… Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this game going in. The people that had gotten to play it before me had not much to say that was positive. Not to mention… I mean there ...

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Bayonetta Review 0

*Take into account, I wrote this for a 10/10 system.   When word got out that Hideki Kamiya (maker of Devil May Cry, and Viewtiful Joe) was making a new game, the hack and slash community had a bit of a “may cry” in their pants. I was among the group of people looking forward to it, considering how well done Viewtiful Joe was. Then info started to trickle out that it was going to be more along the lines of Devil May Cry, which made the joy in my pants less viewtiful. Don’t get me wrong, Devil Ma...

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