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I am using the latest Chrome version on Windows 7 and it doesn't work with the latest IE build either.

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@mb: Just watch the 2nd episode. :)

@vanick: Same here. It pretty much blew me away, to be honest.

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Great, just great.

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@andorski said:

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Game runs like shit, almost unplayable.

My most anticipated of 2014 :(

Really? The minimum PC specs are so low. What hardware do you have?

Well, I shouldn't have said unplayable, I was just annoyed when I posted that :P. It runs fine as long as I turn the textures way down.

It runs "like shit", because your PC is old?

Titanfall actually runs terribly for me as well, with a 3770k and a 770, and it is not a frame rate issue. When I enable vsync the game stutters (with a stable frame rate) to a point where it becomes absolutely unplayable and when I disable vsync I get tearing and slight stutter which makes it kinda (barely) playable. And the fact that there is no raw mouse input option doesn't help either.

I'm quite disappointed that technical/driver/mouse acceleration issues pretty much ruin my first impression of the game. It's a real shame, because Titanfall looks like it could be fun to play without those problems.

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This makes me want to play (and not play) EVE, nicely written.

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You have to teleport 3 times (I believe) without teleporting back. If you do that your head shrinks to the right size for the helmet.

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@core647: I love that it's actually totally fine and acceptable and even kinda cool for you to be a crazy person in here. ;)

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