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Yup, just like everyone already wrote, watch it after TNG and if you are really into TNG by then you'll most likely enjoy all of the movies except for Nemesis. It's the only movie, of the TNG ones (avoid The Final Frontier at all cost), that is just bad and adds nothing worth knowing/seeing to the series.

Also, when it comes to Generations, since so many people seem to really dislike it...if you've watched the original Star Trek series (which I would totally recommend, it's still great) you'll probably also enjoy parts of Generations, it's actually a pretty great fan service. It's definitely not an amazing movie, but Kirk meeting Picard alone makes it worth watching.

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I am using the latest Chrome version on Windows 7 and it doesn't work with the latest IE build either.

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@mb: Just watch the 2nd episode. :)

@vanick: Same here. It pretty much blew me away, to be honest.

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Great, just great.

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Game runs like shit, almost unplayable.

My most anticipated of 2014 :(

Really? The minimum PC specs are so low. What hardware do you have?

Well, I shouldn't have said unplayable, I was just annoyed when I posted that :P. It runs fine as long as I turn the textures way down.

It runs "like shit", because your PC is old?

Titanfall actually runs terribly for me as well, with a 3770k and a 770, and it is not a frame rate issue. When I enable vsync the game stutters (with a stable frame rate) to a point where it becomes absolutely unplayable and when I disable vsync I get tearing and slight stutter which makes it kinda (barely) playable. And the fact that there is no raw mouse input option doesn't help either.

I'm quite disappointed that technical/driver/mouse acceleration issues pretty much ruin my first impression of the game. It's a real shame, because Titanfall looks like it could be fun to play without those problems.

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This makes me want to play (and not play) EVE, nicely written.