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You're not the lord of the rings!

CGW, later GFW Radio is hands down one of the most entertaining things on the internet. I have a lot of episodes archived but not all, hopefully this will fill in the gaps.

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I've no idea what FFXI became after I quit in '05 but I've always loved how everything you did was earned. Even getting to another city was an adventure.

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Dragon's Dogma has all sorts of problems but man is the combat in that game supreme. The way you can customize skills and traits to build your perfect Mystic Knight or Assassin made it all the more satisfying. All they need is to touch up the world design and have player managing status/health not involving a menu screen. It's one of the few games I can play with all UI off which is really fun, just sucks having to pause all the time to deal with a status effect or add oil to my lantern. I always hope there will be news at any sort of press event and nothing. Every now and then I google and find fake news about Dragon's Dogma 2 which makes it more painful. Finding out Deep Down is a free to play game broke my heart yo, the nail in the coffin is seeing it's blandly generated "levels" with an assassin's creed simulation story premise.

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Patrick says the good outweighs the bad but I think there's too much snake oil type stuff in the early access market. I'm not saying all early access is bad though, it allows the chance for great and original games to exist and for the little guy to make it. I simply want the people selling it to be honest, the people in position to inform being critical of content, and the people buying to wise up. In my opinion steam early access is barely above the quality of the XBL indie market place.

A cool thing about our hobby is how wide of an audience it can appeal to. At it's core are those of us that love games and our inherent love and want of a game that strikes us is easily taken advantage of. To clarify, my enthusiasm for games has me subscribed to this site. In no way do I believe this site to be a sham or a ripoff. The content is entertaining and it's staff true to themselves. I just want to express the idea that it's similar to the enthusiasm for investing in something like Star Citizen or a "whale" buying more energy for their mobile game and the guy that shells out hundreds of dollars for a virtual reality helmet.

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Awesome. Played through this game so many times, I'd love to do it again on a PC. Hope it's a good port with all DLC attached.

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Shadow of Mordor seems like a safe bet.

I just hope the guys won't devolve to a series of grunts and moans. Or maybe I do I don't even know.

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If I think about these two in the way I prefer them to be I don't know who is best or who would win. I think vampires would just barely win because they would have more intellect for strategy than the pure instinct of a werewolf.. damn now it sounds like werewolf should win. I can't choose!

@geirr said:

I dunno, I like puppies and vampires look down-right uncomfortable to hug.

It's also one of my favorite mst3k episodes so, yeah, werewolves!

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This is a great episode.

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Quick Look EX's
Mostly because the way devs talk about their game can be cringe worthy and how unnatural the guys act with them. Or atleast what I perceive to be their norms anyway. I also feel like a lot of tired jokes are said unironically and I know the guys are better than that.

Daily DOTA
I just don't care for DOTA, that said I have no problem with DOTA content. Just saying.

These last two are kind of cheating the topic.

Misinformation and Blatant Disregard For Games Because Of It

Not to be confused with things like opinion or thought about a game. I mean when factually wrong and being misinformative. Then forming opinion on said misinformation. That stuff bums me out and you can tell people get bummed out on comments sometimes.
I think the last time I let anything like this get to me was with Shadow Of The Colossus quick look and FFXIV stuff. I understand it's not really a big deal. I just rather people in position to inform could always know their shit, which is impossible. I feel like a lot of this can be resolved with a tiny bit of leg work or even just paying attention to a tutorial for once. But I guess it's cool to go in cold for quick looks or whatever.

Users Being Garbage
Without a doubt I know this community is pretty amazing. It's just a bummer seeing people overreact or be horrible in some pretty surprising ways. I'm guilty of expressing myself in shitty ways for sure, so I hope we can get better about this and be some classy dudes.

Man, can't help feel like this kind of a troll thread but I am interested in what other users enjoy. Maybe a best of and why thread would have been more productive and less mean. :[

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Clearly Dan's favorite animes would be Clannad and Grave of the Fireflies.