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Visiting the site daily there have been countless moments that I wish Ryan could have been present for. Without a doubt those close to him miss that dude far greater. I think he'd be pleased to know the site is still trucking and hasn't stopped for nothin'. The guys have been doing well with the site, hell even Brad of all people hosted a Bombcast and nailed it. I still remember the best showman, Ryan Davis.

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Clipping is pretty annoying for me. I can ignore most of it just fine, it's mostly the clipping on a character model that sucks. Clipping will dictate what hair I pick in character creators and make all dope capes and cloaks lame in most 3rd person games. I ignored a class I actually liked playing in Dragon's Dogma because the run animation had your arms and legs clipping through a large shield.

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I like to play the game on normal the first time through. It's probably not always true but I assume that's what developers want the game experience to be like. I kick it up to the hardest setting only when I love playing a game. If it's done correctly you always find yourself using new tactics and techniques making it so much more fun.

A good example for me would be Dragon's Dogma. A fresh file on hard makes it so even the weakest enemy can one shot you. I found myself trying a lot of different skills and using lots of previously ignored items.

A bad example would be the latest X-Com ( dunno about it's expansion). I loved the first x-com and did self imposed iron man play throughs. When the new one came out I played it on Classic/Impossible Iron Man my first couple of play throughs and hated it. Then I played through on normal Iron Man and enjoyed it a whole lot more. It's not that I thought it was too hard, if anything I just felt it was less of a game at higher difficulties. The nature of alien patrols teleporting and getting to scatter for cover made tactics pointless. Playing it at harder settings made it overwatch the game. That's where all strategy begins and ends. Overwatch. Not worrying about flanks or destroying cover. Overwatch, or overwatch harder. That's all it boiled down to and it sucked.

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Such a close poll so far. I'm curious to know how many have played both, not just either of the games. I feel like Dark Souls is too divisive for it's own good and can never truly be a game of the generation. It's the kind of game that asks you to earn everything, from story to progress, even multiplayer. While Mass Effect is way less obtuse and up front about what you get and do. That sort of thing is entirely preference and what makes these sort of things difficult.

I really enjoyed this guys lore videos. He does a good job of separating facts gathered from game and his interpretations.

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Did other polls break like this one?

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@hunter5024: Added you.

I think I'm caught up with every one that added me. Here's my info again.

Y Version
Friend Code: 0232-8302=2935
Trainer Name: Gabe
Safari: Fire Type with Pansear Pyroar Ninetails

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@coinmatze: Yep they both have Drought. Double checked just now to make sure.

Found a thread on game faqs where someone was trying to do the same thing. He said that having the everstone on the male vulpix made it so it wouldn't transfer drought with the ditto. Just to calrify I do know that everstones are for nature transfer but if it what he says is true it may stop passing down a hidden ability from a male with a ditto. So I wonder if that's the case with two vulpix having the same hidden ability as well. I'm going to try to breed a male without drought with everstone, and a female with drought with destiny knot.

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Thanks for the response! I meant the ability Drought. Pokemon can have one or none of 1-3 abilities, I made it confusing by saying hidden power, my bad. Drought isn't a move, it's an ability. Sorry for the confusion. I read guides all over, old ones and new ones. So what I'm doing should be working. Trying to find out if I'm making some mistakes here.

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I haven't really been playing pokemon seriously since silver and gold so I'm rusty on this stuff.

I'd like to have a Vulpix with Drought hidden ability, Timid nature and 4-5 prefect IVs.

I caught a female and male Ninetails via friend safari with drought and some good IV's. The male has the proper nature so I gave him the everstone, the destinyknot to the female. What I expect to happen is five out of 12 possible IVs, nature, and a chance for Drought to transfer. I've hatched 30 eggs and none had the hidden ability. Am I unlucky or doing it incorrectly? Right now I'm catching more dittos trying to get timid nature to try breeding the male with destinyknot and ditto with everstone.

Is having a high IV ditto the only way I can make this happen? Outside of amazing luck.

Edit: Wrote hidden power by mistake.


Successful drought transfer with a male vulpix holding everstone WITHOUT Drought and a female ninetails WITH drought. Got two in a row here. I don't know if it's a bug or extreme bad luck, but it seems as if a male and female vulpix with drought and a everstone held by the male made it so drought would not transfer. It could have been a case of bad luck, or maybe that's how it's always been and I over thought this.

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Y Version

Friend Code: 0232-8302=2935

Trainer Name: Gabe

Safari: Fire Type - Pansear, Pyroar, Ninetails?

So I spent the last few days catching dittos for IVs. I decided I'd try GTS and was scammed my Articuno. I should have known better but I never used GTS, mistakes were made. Anyway I'll add anyone that adds me, just shoot me a message so I know. If anyone has a ditto safari can I owe you one forever and add me?