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One time I walked into a restaurant's kitchen.

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There is totally a drastic lack of content, especially paid content.

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I feel like the prices of games at my Walmart are always higher than they should be, but they aren't THAT crazy.

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Marketing is huge. It's everything. Commercials are the only way "Joe Gamer" at Gamestop is going to know about something. Reviews can help with people as deep in as us. For example, all of Gone Homes sales can arguably be attributed to a positive critical response. But that game was far away from a Blockbuster. In the grand scheme, critical reception doesn't matter. Just look at how successful Transformers is. When I worked at GameStop, you'd be surprised how many people came in looking for Army of Two.

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It took me two days to install Wolfenstein.

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Congrats! Can you be our inside man for the campaign to get a Windjammers game made?

So what does a Production Coordinator do exactly?

To put it really simply, I would coordinate productions.


I will mainly help handle logistics of some projects. Mainly lots of spreadsheets and maintaining/creating schedules and such. My desk is right across from Dave Lang, so maybe he'll just throw stuff at me when things go wrong? I can give a more detailed answer once I start working.

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Still confused after reading this as to if it's a game Producer position or a video Producer position (like Vinny/Drew). But either way: congratulations, man! Working with Lang seems like it would be fun, and I'm sure he's cultivated a great environment at that studio. Keep on living the dream!

Game producing. I have education in video, but that's not my position.

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@fobwashed said:

Digging through trashcans is a necessary mechanic for a game that requires you to collect ammo/resources. Shooters especially need to continuously feed you ammunition somehow and games with an economy need to give you a way to collect currency. I'm not saying that a game without those things can't exist, just that there's a very valid reason that they do.

The type of experience you seem to be asking for sounds like the types of games Gone Home and The Novelist are. More Gone Home than The Novelist because in the latter, you're doing some gamey ass game shit jumping from point to point and hitting button prompts to see basically audio logs. I also feel like button prompts to do actions is just something we're always going to have to deal with since we're interacting with the game worlds using a controller with buttons. The only way around that shit is to play D&D and just say what you want to do =P

Like MB stated, realism doesn't always equal fun. I think I remember you writing about that very thing a while back. It had to do with shooters and maybe ARMA =P

I'm not bothered much by a lack of realism. But a lot of mainstream games do hold on to some elements I feel are outdated and uncreative filler. The Walking Dead does a good job at not being tied down to artificial mechanics. I'm turned off by how many times the action seems to stop, when the game needs to be brought to a narrative halt just so the player can press 'X' to collect a lot of nonsense in nonsensical places. There's a jarring juxtaposition of how some games seem to want to be treated and how they present themselves.

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I feel like I'm in the minority here, but I never really found the searching through trashcans in BioShock Infinite to be weird until I saw tons of people complaining about it online. I do agree with you, however. Like in The Last of Us, it wasn't so much the flamethrower as it was the fact that Joel had could carry tiny amounts of ammo, but also EVERY GUN he found. If the game couldn't have a totally realistic inventory, I would rather carry a couple guns and a ton of ammo. You know what I mean?

And looking forward, I'm still kinda bummed that stuff like the cardboard box is returning to MGSV. Ground Zeroes had a pretty realistic inventory (though the amount of ammo carried was a bit too large, I think). At the very least, you saw all the stuff either on Snake, or it was small enough to fit into one of his ammo bags. But not so with the damn cardboard box, and stuff like that breaks the immersion.

But you can steal sheep via balloons in that game, which is the right kind of stupid, so I don't really mind that much.

I'm not so bummed about un realistic inventories. Then you get into the concepts of how reloading weapons really works. I appreciate some elements of suspensions of disbelief.

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@achaemenid said:

@hurricaneivan29: Well okay, fair enough. That's kinda a different discussion though I think. All games could stand to be less tedious. I think the original point however was that games's stories are often hurt by the inclusion of "gamey" things. Unless I read the OP wrong, I'll agree it was a bit confusing.

I think if you want to drop me into a well realized fictional world than I shouldn't spend half a game with my face in a sink looking for ammo and money. That jeopardizes the greater experience that could be possible.

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I think we're at the point where the Far Cry 4 box art is fine.

Remember when Capcom was racist for having black zombies...in a game...taking place in Africa?