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I pay around $60ish for this.

@epicsteve It's awesome that you're writing on this topic, since the situation with telecoms in the U.S. is definitely something people should really follow more closely considering how bad their business practices are. I actually blogged on the topic a while back on my personal site (http://val-red.com/blog/american-internet-sucks.html) so if you're still in the process of writing hopefully that helps out! Even though we're 34th, we actually do better than all countries our size, the countries that beat us out are way tinier. It's still inexcusable, though, that our pricing options are ranked like 31st or something.

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Can't we have our cake and eat it too?! I'm all for coexistence! Coexist! Like this: (I'm surprised it hasn't been posted yet quite frankly I could've sworn I first encountered the following on a Giant Bomb thread)

Just because I still watch anime more than I watch wrestling nowadays, I had to pick anime. But I was really a sucker for wrestling back in the attitude era when I knew nothing of anime.

Also there's definitely some sort of overlap I can't place my finger on between anime and wrestling. For some reason, Kill la Kill, which is probably my favorite anime from the last year, kept reminding me of how much I used to like wrestling at certain super campy but totally amazing moments.

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Thanks for the information duder! I got my tickets, but uh, unfortunately I don't have any big questions that come to mind regarding the event. I'll post to bump this so it's more visible for people who do have good questions, though!

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I preordered this when I found out this was coming overseas.

I am super excited, even though I haven't played Chaos; Head yet or even watched any anime of the series. I also may or may not have played parts of it already somehow.

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Weren't they having technical issues today? I don't think he meant "killing the chat" for good, although I wasn't quite tuned in for all of it tonight, I just remember tweets about the technical issues they were having today.

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I'll be there all 3 days.

I'm Val.

We aren't friends.

We'll be friends soon enough!

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Because of my experience with installing an excessive amount of mods for those big Bethesda/Obsidian open world games (Oblivion, Fallout: NV, Skyrim, etc.) I'd always experience multiple crashes in a single sitting on a bad day. I quick-saved like a madman, so it wasn't too frustrating.

I guess I have a high tolerance.

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Totally! I feel like I already do this, if those games on the Source engine classify as this. Even if they don't, I'd totally buy the really amazing new content the best mods for games like Skyrim and the modern Fallout games on account of their quality being really amazing and the fact that they do accomplish making me play those kinds of games even longer than I'd normally devote time to a game!

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Oh my gosh, I can't believe they had a TommyFebruary6 cover! That's pretty intense.

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I might give it a shot (I gave the reboot a chance until I encountered traffic issues and the inability to scale further due to land size) but like others I feel like it's waaaay too late. Also, I'd probably just wait for good mods, since there's bound to be one that deals with the size issue.