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You're a Larsen. I hope you know that.

EDIT: Overzealous and unfortunate censoring needs to stop, though. It's OD.

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@basm321 said:

@equitasinvictus: damn, what a bummer. Well I don't regret letting him live now

All I saw after I got back was this (Pagan Min left at the state if you do choose to shoot him). No one ever cleaned up!

The mausoleum is still enter-able too, but you never get the option to put your mother's ashes back next to her daughter.

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@basm321 said:

So the final decision in the game allows you to kill pagan min or leave him alive. I left him alive, and when he flew off in the helicopter he said "all choices I have consequences, I'm keeping the helicopter". So my question is: if you kill him can you actually fly the real helicopter?

It's not one of those tiny little copters that you find around, but a legit helicopter like the enemies use!

Nope. I just went back to check and sadly, no helicopter.

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One of the biggest things that has me putting off Inquisition is the fact I have to backtrack using Dragon Age Keep instead of being able to directly move my save over. I'm in an awkward middle-ground of invested in which I do really care about the story progress of my Warden and Hawke but at the same time the potential time commitment involved with me getting it right through Dragon Age Keep is daunting...

In that case, I'm definitely playing Far Cry 4 right away!

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@gerhardtm1999: Oops! I haven't been on in a while, so I missed that you were asking about it.

It was from earlier this year when Rorie, Alexis, and O'Dwyer did their 24-hour "Operation Supply Drop" charity stream!

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Sunshine and smiles should be on the front page forever.

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I was able to be a "Yes" for a few months after I got my B.Sc. but now that I've started my Masters on top of working basically full-time there are long stretches of days when I can't play video games, unfortunately.

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I only hope... Alexis will be able to continue his human zoo

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Hatsune Miku finally arrived in the U.S. to join the hologram gangsta party. Hail Mary!

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Really, though, kudos to whoever (Crypton, Sega, etc.) decided to book Hatsune Miku on Letterman. They ended up getting her to trend on social media and I think that's quite the achievement for something that has been super niche around these parts prior to her appearance. Granted, Hatsune Miku will likely continue to be niche, but I think this level of exposure alone is unprecedented among Hatsune Miku's western appearances.

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@demoskinos: Twitter wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, though! Actually I might've seen more people complain about "Sharing the World" (certainly not her best, but it apparently is supposed to be the theme of that "Miku Expo") over random people tweeting disbelief or other negative sentiments towards Hatsune Miku, but I digress! Haters gon' hate; Hatsune Miku don't care.

Also, it looks like Hatsune Miku ended up trending on U.S. facebook and twitter. I'm actually really impressed with Crypton Future Media for booking that Letterman appearance with her NYC and Los Angeles appearances coming up.

To think I saw a Project DIVA ad on a Seattle bus just over a year ago, too. She might be here to stay this time around!