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In the filing, I believe, it stated that THQ still owns the rights to their backlog i.e. games already released. I wouldn't worry about it too much; however, there has been problems in the past with games being pulled from digital distribution like the midway games being pulled from XBLA when they went under. So who knows.

I'm assuming that nowadays they have it built into the paperwork to account for just this issue, likely a problem with Midway because it wasn't specified and defaulted to being taken down.

Very true. I don't know the licensing that was made with say, Valve, with the digital distribution and the event the license for the product was sold. However, considering THQ was able to keep their licenses for backlogs (still trying to find the source of this again) I doubt anything is going to matter. In the case with Midway, my guess would be they didn't keep their license for already sold games or your good point on the license never covered the specific event of licensing changing hands.

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In the filing, I believe, it stated that THQ still owns the rights to their backlog i.e. games already released. I wouldn't worry about it too much; however, there has been problems in the past with games being pulled from digital distribution like the midway games being pulled from XBLA when they went under. So who knows.

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Depends on what kind of smoking you are referring to, cigarettes or something along the lines of pot?

If cigarettes, yes I do smoke and it's probably been one of if not the worst decision I have made in my life time. Unfortunately, it was one of those "matter of time" when I started due to the fact that my father smoked, both my older siblings smoked, and my good mate I hung out daily smoked.

If pot, no, for various reasons.

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Pretty much.


Of course, I could go into a lengthy explanation on how I believe it's up to parents to actually parent their own child instead of relying on others to do it for them this includes the government and media of any form, or how news broadcasts are worse than any type of "violent media" because they outline to the very minute detail on how an actual murder happened so the next potential serial killer can easily do it themselves and get famous while they're at it or how correlation does not equal causation; the fact that because a serial killer owned a game console which is becoming as common as owning a television does not mean they where directly or indirectly influenced by said console or games played on it.

However, it would just be redundant due to the fact we already know all this because we are not close minded individuals here and also the fact that I have an actual paper to write on something completely unrelated due Monday.

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@Turambar: Before I played P3 FES, in my mind, your avatar was just an anime girl with a pizza on her head. ...I still kind of see it sometimes :-(

Fuck. What has been seen....

My god.

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Personally, I skipped The Answers part for two reasons:

1) I sadly didn't enjoy Persona 3 as much as Persona 4, like, by a lot. I am not saying Persona 3 is bad but I just didn't get attached like I did to Persona 4. So when Answer popped up, I was pretty much like screw it at that point since I all but forced my self through 3.

2) I heard when I was still playing Persona 3, which probably had A LOT to do with why I didn't play the Answers, was the fact I heard that the characters where extremely inconsistent between P3 and Answers. As in, some of them did a complete 180 on personality. This bothered me a lot for some reason and so I made the executive decision to skip it.

Pretty much I just read a fully spoiler synopsis on the plot. After reading it didn't care that I skipped Answers as it didn't seem to effect the main story at all and I just saved my self some hours that in turn I spent back in P4.

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I just recently built a new computer and the first biggest problem I see if the PC is going to be used for gaming, is the Radeon 7850. Its not not great. Benchmarkshave the card >60 frames on medium settings on some games. To me that says that the card can or will become out of date in under a year to the point that newer games coming out will be unplayable. Trust me, I have made this mistake before, don't just buy cheaper parts to just get a PC. Because there is many variables you have to consider when you upgrade such as the Power Supply Unit you are thinking of using. A 430W will mostly likely not be enough to power higher end video cards which is what I ran into in the past when trying to upgrade my own older rig.

My suggestion, go to some place like Reddit Build A PC - I don't care what others opinions of reddit is, but r/buildapc is a great place to go for pc building. Also, I would use a place like PC Parts Picker to get a build together.

Keep in mind the number one rule when it comes to PC building, Performance = Cost. The higher the cost, the better performance, because there is no such thing as high end budget gaming PC. My build cost to run all current generation games < 60 fps was right around $2,000. Granted, some of the parts are optional like my SSD and I went for overclocking hardware like the I7-3770K.

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Going to play the devil's advocate here... how is this any worse than putting a quarter into an arcade machine in order to extend your playtime?

Yes, but arcades died out around the the 90s and this is not an arcade game. Also, last time I checked you don't have to spend $15ish dollars first to buy into an arcade game.

But seriously though, that comparison was silly.


On topic: On top of that, if you buy items with REAL MONEY you lose them upon death, no questions asked. If you bought into this game, I recommend to do a little more research next time. If you bought in right away, well, I hope the lesson of not buying into something until you hear others opinions has sunk in.

Because seriously, the only reason I heard of this game was the insurmountable amount of negativity from the very start.

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I believe they have a free trial for it on their website and after having a look around I believe you just make an account. With that said, I haven't really kept up with this game since it pretty much tanked at launch but it looks like they removed the pay to play model sub fees. Which is good considering they had a bloody cash shop in a pay to play game to begin with.

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For me, Spec Ops all day without a doubt. Yes it's short, steam saying my play time clocks in at 6 hours and sure it doesn't bring anything new to the third person shooter mechanics.

But, and this an gigantic but, the story is amazing in my opinion and I highly suggest it to anyone who has even a small interest in the game. Heck, I would recommend it to people who have absolutely no interest in the 'modern military shooter' genre just on the bases of story alone.