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Yep, that's like a normal day of driving for me here in San Francisco.

And that garage must smell 'awesome' is what the video deck should say.

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Wow, keep posting.

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This is indeed a list of Tekken!

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@Fudgeman7 said:

I find it weird how much they know about our (the UK's) TV programmes!

U.S. Nerds watch UK shows.

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@samcotts said:

Ethan's actually a pretty cool guy.

Though he has put me off having kids...

What do you mean "Actually"?

@Longevitous said:

@ethan, nice hair

Thank you.

@ZombiePie said:

@ethan: Why was I brought up and named dropped by Will Smith during this? Can someone give me a time stamp?

Because you are special.

@TepidShark said:

Sorry I couldn't watch this stream live, but thanks for the shout-out Ethan. See you tomorrow.

See you today.

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This is a terrible question.

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Was hoping this would not get uploaded.

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Some how Ryan looks more like Higgins in this.

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Here's an update on what we've done on Anime Vice.  We deleted as many porny pics as we could find in user profile galleries and in the wiki galleries.   Only unavoidable boxart attached as the main image of a wiki article can have nudity in it now, because like here on GB, we still want to catalog some titles.  
You can do a search on google like this " hentai" with safe search off and the results you will get are cached and lead to dead links.   We're requesting Google reindex AV asap.  Also, for any anime/manga wiki pages and it's characters that have the "Adult" theme set ( ya know, genre and theme fields) we put a NOINDEX meta tag in the source code that tells Google to ignore the page and not add to their search.  

The goal of all this besides being less creepy is to get our Google search traffic back.  A month back Google put AV in the penalty box for having to much NSFW content, which is a real shame because if you go check out the wiki, the kids over there have made some real strides in turning the quality of the content around this year.  Check out Fairy Tail the series and it's characters for example.

Well that's the update.  Thank you.

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@ProjektGill said:
" So I recognize Ethan (Ben Franklin?), maybe Shelby (Abe Lincoln), maybe Alexis (George Washington), then Dave the bottom left (Ulysses S. Grant?) and Andy McCurdy on the bottom right (Robert E. Lee?).    PS. I'm Canadian so they could all be wrong for all I know (Except Lincoln) "
Ben Franklin OR an old lady librarian
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Two of the dudes in this QL don't even own cars, out of choice, car haters!  BAH I SAY!    Yet, I declare this QL hilarious.