Neo vegan.


I’ve always seen food as more of an experience than a necessity, what I’d consume would reflect my mood, atmosphere and self reflections at the time, I can’t remember a time when I ate because I had to eat, I’d eat when I wanted to eat. While this has never come to mind in the past it is a predominant thought at the moment as I have decided to become a vegan.


While my reasons for doing so are unclear at the moment, I have had conversations with many people, telling me what they think veganism is, mostly in a negative fashion. What surprised me most was how much of hostility a simple diet change would incite such passion, not only with like minded people, but with the opposers that wanted to share their views all of a sudden.


It’s not surprising, change has always made masses uncomfortable, even to extreme levels. The issue I have is that nothing is said as long as everybody stands to conform, but as soon as somebody speaks, or acts out of line it is noted and brought to discussion in a pessimistic manor, while these are issues that I may elaborate on in future posts, for now, I just wanted to share my bewilderment at the stigma that comes along with changing a simple aspect of an individuals life.


On the other hand, looking through popular vegan websites and forums, I can see that this reaction from the general populous has caused vegans to be overly defensive and retaliate toward the people that have caused them to feel isolated. They treat meat eaters with such disdain to the point where they’ve become overly aggressive themselves, calling other people things such as “corpse eater” which in itself isn’t exactly incorrect, but does have a certain implication of a passive aggressive nature to the issue at hand.


While I do plan on using this forum as a means for me to discuss, and vent on my new lifestyle choice, it seems that so far nothing has come of it, and I like the people that I’ve been discussing, are stuck on the larger topic at hand, rather than going along with my new self. Will there ever be a time where individualism is truly accepted?


Negative impact on weak willed people on new years day.


With the coming of the new year, 2011, many people will be gearing themselves up for the new year, as if the chapters of their lives are dictated by the calendars that we use. People are hoping that the new year will be kind to them, as kind as it was the previous year, or kinder than it was. Resolutions are made, with a naïve notion of longevity, with the full intention of holding these life altering decisions throughout the next year. Almost to the point where we let the turning of a clock have more a profound effect on us than the greatest of character altering events that happen within a lifetime. 
All other days are perceived to be a pre cursor, a lead up to the final day of the year, we blindly mark our calendars off day by day awaiting the end of a year without taking into consideration the importance of these days that we are discounting. The turning of this day (31/12/XXXX) means more to people that the 364 clock turns that happened previously, and becomes a day where we endure an all encompassing spiritual rebirth.
While I have done this myself throughout the years, I began to think, what if I were to do as much self reflection as I do at the end of the year, each day. Could I not better myself much as the same we try to not, all be it faster. And then I realised, that this too, was me trying to govern my soul in accordance to a wrist watch. I truly believe that it's the good times, and the hard times within our lives that shape the decisions we make, change the lives that we live and lead to the inevitable resolutions that we want to live our lives by.
Tick tock tick tock...


What would make you proud of yourself?

If I was to walk along a beach, and look back, I wouldn't see any footprints. Even if I did, they wouldn't be so significant that I'd recognize them after walking for a little while longer. The thing's that I've done in my life so far are not so great that I have a visible and solid image so that they would stick with me. I've been wondering what is it that I want in my life, and I've been through all of the important things to me, family, friends, loved ones, purpose in lively hood, money, beauty and pretty much everything else that we all want to have as humans. But no matter how hard I try, I can't figure out, what it is that I could do, where I could look at myself and be genuinely proud to be me. 
Perhaps this is just because I haven't found what I want to do with myself, perhaps for others, the actions that they take, and the path that they want to walk is as clear as day, and I can only wish that I had this same clarity. Speaking with a friend that I have recently, she said to me "I feel like I'm wasting my time" I let her know that what she considered a waste of time may be exactly what someone else wants in life, she didn't understand, because in her mind, what she would like to do is so clear, and so vivid, that she can't imagine a life of wanting anything else at all. 
She also asked me what I was doing with my life and where I was going, all I could think to say at the time was "Waiting" There was a small chuckle and a comment on how bleak my outlook on life must be. I realized later that, waiting, as in waiting for the end of my life wasn't what I meant, what I was waiting for was an answer. I'm waiting to find out what it is that I need to do to gain such clarity in my future, that when it's finally achieved I can hold my head proud and feel happy in the manner that my footprints had fallen in my beach. 
I'll leave it at that. I think I could go on for a while, but I'm sure if you read, you understand my question on my meanings, to summarize, have you, or do you think, that you'll reach a point in your life that you can be proud of yourself. I'd like to hear your thoughts if you have any on the topic :)



Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. The word "philosophy" comes from the Greek φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which literally means "love of wisdom", and was originally a word referring to the special way of life of early Greek philosophers.


Follow up from the previous entry.

It's been a while, over a year! It's strange how fast time goes as you get older, I did indeed go away with my good friend Bethan that summer, we ended up straying a bit from Madrid and visited a few countries, while out and about there I also met my good friend bea, and for most of the time it was us three, we saw some of Italy, Switzerland, Lichenstien and Germany, we wanted to go into Holland too, but we ended up staying with a really nice family in Germany so stayed with them for a while.  
 Since the trip I took a job working with Blizzard, on World of Warcraft over in Ireland, that was last November so it's coming up tpp a year now, and so far it's all been great! No doubt since I refound my logging details on this site and I can now link all sorts of achievements on it I'll be posting a lot more, maybe even some wonderful                                                                    stories to keep everyones emotions alive, which is a hard thing to do living through a screen


Camping Trip (Summer 08 edition)

Just got home from a camping trip down from the coast of Wales, I live quite close but it's always best to let people know where I've been. I went with my friend

Me and Bethan (with my face thankfully out of shot)
Bethan, it didn't take us long before we met an arrangment of strange and wonderful people though, firsty a group of English people who could not get over how beautiful the place was and were taking pictures left, right and center. And quite a strange man that had said he's lost his friend, but after spending most of one of the days with him, I started to doubt that he had any friends.
    Anyway, we did a lot of walking, swimming and climbing around things that we really shouldn't have been climbing without harnesses, but there you go. The most fun though was trying to stay warm and dry one night where our tent had basically fallen on top of us in a storm, but it's all part of the magic I suppose! I'm scheduled for a trip to Madrid with Bethan this August, that is if I get my passport in time, so here's to hoping!