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Half-Empty Canvas 0

(I originally posted this review on my lil' portfolio site but figured I post it here as well for giggles and such)The world of indie development has seen no shortage of great debuts over the last half a dozen or so years but that didn't stop Supergiant Games' 2011 game Bastion from sticking out as a bloody great debut for a lot of people. It showed the team understood how to use art and sound design to paint beautiful and broad emotive strokes and then tie them together with well paced evocativ...

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2014 Ways To Murder A Nazi 0

Its a real shame that the new Wolfenstein game doesn't quite live up to the potential of it's best story and character moments.What a weird thing to read in 2014, eh? It's an honest sentiment though, believe it or not. It's maybe a little disingenuous to so completely pre-judge a game because of it's franchises past but Wolfenstein: The New Order really does attempt to make genuine heartfelt strides forward in storytelling terms. And while in the end it may be done in by it's more ridiculous te...

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Jazzpunk displays an amazing dedication to video game buffoonery 0

As budgets get larger and the ambitions of the industry’s most prominent developers tend towards the focused and cinematic its almost inevitable that we begin to compare games to film. Actually calling a game an 'interactive movie' though is an observation some might take as derogatory, it might put them off. However in the case of this game I think that comparison is what makes it so novel. The best part of Jazzpunk is how it takes the elements we enjoy from comedy movies and makes you a ...

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