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LMAO you see that Iwata thing during the Ocarina of Time run? mad awkward

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I'm not sure anyone on this site knows where it is going

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Don't know why people are calling this pretentious. This isn't pretentious at all, it's just horrendously poor work. Either suck it up and try to write a preview for people who do care or get out of the way and let somebody who wants it more do your job.

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Am I crazy or would a "game to life" concept with M-Rated content work?

You have these figures that are like PVC anime or super hero characters. But they don't fit into an "open world" or "toy box" like world they fit into a action RPG/shooter. So imagine a game like say Mass Effect. You want a really cool crew member for your ship (or a cool ship), so you can go to teh store and buy a "figure w/ their special weapon" or "ship" then you can drop that into the game using a code. So you get a cool M-Rated PVC figure and it is for a M-Rated game. And you can buy ships, vehicles, enemies that way too! The richer and more unique you want your game they more stuff you CAN buy. Much of it is cosmetic, but it adds variety to the

Action RPG/Shooter. The idea is These figure are not huge like Skylanders, they are like more realistically proportioned and just 4" tall. We would want them to look nice, but still be about $12 (or on sale for $9)

....If you want your Mass Effect Grew to all be sexy android people you buy all the sexy android characters they come out with.

"Wipe the jizz off your Rei figure to regenerate her health"

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I had a fucking brilliant one that was mint. There's a quest where you have to stand still and get hit by an arrow to test some armour and the AI somehow fucking missed. Like, it isn't a scripted part of the quest. The AI missed, the quest broke and I was just stuck standing there unable to move, waiting to get hit by an arrow that was never going to come.

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I have like 90, I dunno what to tell you. My favourite is probably Miles Davis' Bitches Brew just cause it's a top album and I think that cover is so ruddy gorgeous. The vinyl itself isn't anything special, although it is a good heavy pressing. I have this picture disc of Death's Leprosy that is well nice too. None of the audio problems that usually associate with the PD format. Rarest thing I own is an old Beatles compilation I've inherited that was the first place a lot of some of their singles were released in the UK.

Most recent buy is Death Grips's The Powers That B which is a lovely gatefold with a pair of lyrics sheets that are very useful considering Ride's

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An incredibly exciting and important addition. Major props to EA for a) doing this and b) making it the first piece of news they’ve released on FIFA 16, the opening information salvo for their largest franchise. Shows real intention.

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No worse than this place.

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I dont listen to the Bombcast and I haven't played many of the games Wise has worked on but most examples in this thread (from either composer) sound tedious to me and seem like they were never meant to be heard outside of their in-game context. That "Stickerbush Symphony" track has very little going on within it. Don't know why I would ever feel compelled to listen to it in my own time unless I just wanted to put something on in the background to not listen to while I do something elses.