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I do find something oddly intimidating about how bad the models in the original look, but I'm happy they're doing this update of course. Had a lot of fun with this game, even if I'm not particularly good at it.

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There's something strange about this whole reveal that I'm finding hard to articulate. I know the accidental and premature nature of it doesn't help, but it's something beyond that. Wish I could put my finger on it. God this is a useless post.

Anyway, good to have more games to be excited about.

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My first thought was some sort of Persona and Evangelion mashup, a game idea which has instantly catapulted itself to the top of my "Never gonna happen but fuck do I wish it would" list.

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Bit of an apples and oranges conundrum you've got with this one mate. Both Metro games are quite well liked, two great narrative experiences. Dead Rising 3 is a lot of fun, a lot of content to explore too. In terms of value for money you cant really go wrong with either.

If you adored the first Dead Rising I'd recommend going with Dead Rising 3 but in all honesty... You could quite easily just as flip a coin on this particular decision.

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They did a "Surprise! It's out today!" kinda thing. As for promotion I've seen a fair few trailers for the game myself over the past few weeks, that's just me though.

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We need some more

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I was gonna go through the rigamarole of figuring out how to take a shot on XONE but there's no need cause your character is exactly the same as mine. Like, I'm not exaggerating in the slightest, aside from the little thing under the eye there is zero difference.


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Wow, some bad timing there on behalf of the FIA. Cutting to Rosberg getting out of his car as dude from Mercedes says "If you apply yourself honestly, the right things will happen."

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Congratulations Lewis. Congratulations Button.

Congratulations everyone.